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  • questbg Friend

    Hi djk

    What’s the problem. Can you post a live site URL so I can take a look, if not some screenshots of the problem.

    djkekiddie Friend

    Thanks for the quick reply. The issue is that the fp upper module does not render. This is the module with Obama and friends on the demo site. I created a test site from scratch and found the same issue. I’m am using the latest Joomla release. The test site is at the following URL: Thanks for the help. /djk

    djkekiddie Friend

    Hello again questbg,
    I set the test site admin password to “today” to give you access. While I have you on the line I noticed another issue. The images on the left Spotlight module no longer render all of the time. This has been the case for a while with Firefox and I put it on my todo list. Now it is happening most of the time with IE (7 and 8). I really like this template. It is one of the best I have come across. I hope we can fix these issues. Thanks again.

    siriusthestar Friend

    I have a question..I have a joomla 1.5.10 with JA Teline II template and have a hspace problem in Firefox
    (I’m not sure about vspace)
    you can check it here:

    questbg Friend

    <em>@djkekiddie 128127 wrote:</em><blockquote>Thanks for the quick reply. The issue is that the fp upper module does not render.

    I think the quickest way of fixing these issues would be to install the QuickStart data that comes with the Telline II template. This will give you an exact reproduction of the Telline II demo here on JoomlArt.

    Once you have that, it’s much easier to customise to your own requirements, rather than building all the modules and components from scratch.

    djkekiddie Friend

    Hello questbg,
    I created a new site with the demo data and went over the settings. It was my mistake. For some reason I forgot to reset the display on front page flag in the articles. I had unset them while testing. It is working great now.
    As for the missing images in the Spotlight module, I found the problem. I first set the resize width and hight to the desired size, and then I cropped the images to the same size. When both the resize and image size are exactly the same and the resize is set the module does not display the image! If either of the dimensions are not the same or the resize is turned off the image is displayed. You may want to note that feature 😉 Thanks again for you help.
    Cheers, djk.
    btw, I really like the site. Excellent work.

    djkekiddie Friend

    Hi siriusthestar,
    You cannot use hspace in the code because the CSS style overides it. I added the line of code below to the template.css and it fixed the problem.

    img {

    margin: 0;

    padding: 0;
    padding: 1px 5px; <== add this line


    Hope that helps.
    Cheers, djk.

    webgekko Friend

    hi guys.

    i need you help please.

    can anyone tell me where to download the IE8 compatible version of Taline II ?


    siriusthestar Friend

    btw..that user6 modules not showing problem was resolved by unpublishing kumena forum module 🙂

    tfernandez Friend

    Hi there. Any advice on how to remove the link to JA Highslide (since it’s embedded in JA Telline II template) from the search and log in forms?
    Thanks in advance.

    kasiabob Friend

    Hi questbg,

    I am trying to replace:




    as per above, but I can not find:


    in the templateDetails.xml file.

    Can you advise what to do?

    datropics Friend

    I am trying to implement the effect of JA News module (not front page) on multiple pages, however it is not working. Is this possible? What are the steps that I need to employ to get this done.

    What I’ve done is create a copy of the ja-news module and assign it to a menu item. Should I be doing something else or in addition?


    Erik Villeneuve Friend

    Does anyone know how to JA-Nes to present the news show up in ”Across way” instead of ”Down way”?

    cgc0202 Friend

    First time this happened to me. I can open whole packag. But, when I go to the zip inside the QuickStart directory, I cannot open the zip in the QuickStart directory.

    There is an “error” window thait appears, but nnthing that is instructive, as to the causse of error.

    Is this a bug or something? Is the staff aware of this?


    greenkoi Friend

    Have you found a resolution to your issue?

    I’m running into something similar and was wondering if you had any insights.

    Thanks in advance,

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