The section will help you with steps to install JA Stark template - Quickstart and Manual installation.

System requirement

JA Stark is in Beta version please do not use it for live site. Please make sure your system meets the following requirements:


  • Software: PHP (Magic Quotes GPC off): 5.3.1 + (5.4+ recommended)


  • MySQL(InnoDB support required): 5.1+
  • MSSQL 10.50.1600.1+
  • PostgreSQL 8.3.18+

Web Severs

  • Apache 2.x+
  • Microsoft IIS 7
  • Nginx 1.0 (1.1 recommended)

Browser requirement

  • Firefox 4+
  • IE (Internet Explorer) 8+
  • Google Chrome 10+
  • Opera 10+
  • Safari 5+

Development Environment

During development process, Localhost is preferred. You can use the following servers on your PC to develop your site.


  • XAMPP for Windows


  • LAMP Bubdle
  • XAMPP for Linux

Mac OS

  • MAMP & MAMP Pro
  • XAMPP for Mac OS

The section will help you with steps to install T4 template framework. There are 2 options to install T4 Template framework.

  • Quickstart installation: replicate T4 demo to your server.
  • Manual installation: install template, plugin manually on your Joomla site

Download packages

T4 Framework download section includes following files:

  • Quickstart package
  • JA Stark template
  • T4 Framework plugin

download t4 joomla template framework

Download T4 Framework →

Quickstart installation

Using quickstart installation allows you to replicate T4 demo to your server with all T4 extensions installed and demo content

Install Joomla quickstart tutorial →

Manual Installation

Installing T4 framework on your existing Joomla website.

Step 1. Install T4 framework plugin

From your back-end setting panel, go to: "Extensions → Extension Manager", browse T4 plugin installation file then hit the "Upload and Install"

By default, T4 pluign will be auto enabled after installed. You can check this by going to: "Extensions → Plugin Manager" then find T4 Plugin.

enable t4 joomla template framework plugin

Step 2: Install JA Stark template

From your back-end setting panel, go to: "Extensions → Extension Manager", browse JA Stark template installation package then hit the "Upload and Install".

Go to: "Extensions → Template Manager", set JA Stark template style as your default template style.

JA Stark documentation

T4 Framework

You can find the folder structure of T4 Framewotk at:


Any customization in the t4 plugin is not recommended. To customize your template, please do it in the templates/ja_Stark folder

This section will help you build the pages the same as JA Stark demo site.

1. Homepage

View homepage position layout:

JA Stark documentation
View Full Image

Here is instruction to create the same Homepage page

Step 1 - Create template style

The page uses Home layout so we have not need to create template style. The best way to create the template is cloning JA Stark default template style. to Create the different type of Homepages like in demo you need duplicate default template style and assign it to the different pages.

Here is the default layout structure of the template used for all other pages.

JA Stark default layout

Step 2 - Create Home page menu item

Go to Menu » Main menu, add new menu item, select Articles » Featured Article menu type and assign "JA Stark- Home" template style.

home menu JA Stark

Step 3 - Assign content to the Home page

Content of Homepage is loaded from modules. Here is the detail configuration of each module.

Supported Layouts

Access T4 working panel

Access working panel of JA Stark template: from back-end > Extensions > Templates > and open JA Stark template style.

JA Stark supports default layouts by default. Here is the structure of the supported layout.

Assign Layout for a template style

To assign a layout for a JA Stark template style, open the template style » Layout setting panel » assign layout for the template style.

joomla template layout

You can create multiple templates style for JA Stark template, each template style is assigned to one layout and the template style is assigned to specific menu items so that in one site, you use 1 template but you can use as many layouts as you want Also, you can choose different theme for different template styles.

joomla template layout

Another option is save as copy

JA stark joomla template layout

Get more details in Layout customization on T4 here :

The Logo settings are present under Site configuration > Logo Settings.

logo settings

For the logo, you can select to use image logo or text logo. You can also select the different logo for mobile view.

Get more details in Site configuration on T4 framework templates here :

You can choose different Megamenu for different template style in JA Stark Joomla template. To change the Mega menu : Navigation to JA Stark template style > Navigation > Mega menu.

menu settings

Take a full backup

Please always make a back-up before proceeding to any of the upgrade process. In case there is any problem, you can always restore from the back-up files.

Upgrade instruction

Before back-up, take a full backup

Please always make a back-up before proceeding to any of the upgrade process. In case there is any problem, you can always restore from the back-up files.

The best method to upgrade JoomlArt products is using JA Extension Manager. The FREE extension brings a new way to manage extensions: upgrade , roll back, remote install, internal repository and compare versions and more.

1. Set up JA Extension Manager Component

Download this free extension from this link. Install the extension to your website.

Go to: Components → JA Extension Manager then select Service Manager, now set JoomlArt as your default service. Next, hit the "Edit" button then add your account.

enable t4 joomla template framework plugin

2. Upgrade T4 framework plugin and JA Stark template

Check the new version of T4 plugin template. Using the filter to find the JA Property template then hit the "Check Update" button.

upgrade t4 joomla template framework

3. Upgrade other JA extensions

Using the filter to find the extensions you want to upgrade (JoomlArt products only), hit the "Check Update" button to check for new version then hit the Upgrade Now to upgrade the extension to latest version.

Check out more details about JA Extension manager

Documentation is a WIP. If you have any specific request or feedback as well as suggestions, feel free to drop us a line in JA Stark template forum. We'll try to cover them all.

Let us know in the forum