JA Jason introduction

Introducing JA Jason template features

Main features:

  • Supporting Joomla 2.5 and Joomla 3
  • Bootstrap 3 integration
  • Supporting Font awesome 4.1
  • Developed with LESS
  • Multiple theme/colors by default, switching theme with one click
  • Developed with latest T3 Framework
  • Supporting K2 and Hikashop components with fantastic design
  • Flexible menu system with Megamenu, Off-canvas, Bootstrap collapsed menu
  • Improve your site performance with CSS and JS optimization

The Joomla extensions are developed by JoomlArt, they belongs to JAEC club or developed for the template only. You can free download those extensions when you buy JA Jason template.

  • JA Extension manager
  • JA Slideshow Lite module
  • JA Twitter module
  • JA Popup plugin
  • JA Disqus Debate plugin
  • T3 Framework plugin
  • Hikashop component
  • K2 component

These are default Joomla pages and our bonus pages in the template. The style, layout of the pages are overridden so that its displaying, UI is better and fit the template design. Please check the Menu item configuration section to view the how-to steps to create such pages as demo.

Default Joomla pages

  • Login page
  • Registration page
  • Edit user profile
  • Web links
  • News Feeds
  • Smart Search
  • Search
  • Offline page
  • 404 page
  • Contact page
  • All categories
  • Category blog
  • Featured articles
  • Archived articles
  • Tagged items
  • List of all tags
  • Compact list

Bonus pages

  • Portfolio

JA Jason template supports multiple layouts: home-1, home-2, etc. You can check how the layouts are used in the Homepage style configuration section →

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