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Override Joomla template video tutorial

In this video tutorial, you will learn how to override template style of templates developed with T3 Framework.

Video Transcript:

Hi, Iā€™m John from JoomlArt. And today we will talk about how to override template style.

In one site, you can use multiple template styles simultaneously. Simply, open your site back-end setting. Here is the list of template styles in your site. Now, we will duplicate the t3 bs3 blank default template style. Open its setting panel, change the template style name, configure the template style like changing theme, and layout. Next, assign the template style to menu items you want. The selected menu items will have the template style overridden the default template style.

Here is the front-page, check the menu items that we override template style. See, it loads theme and layout of assigned template style.

You can save as the current template style, configure as we did then save.

Do the same if you want to create more override template styles. Here is a sample. This is JA Medicare template, it has many pages requires different layouts, themes so we have to override those pages.

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Thanks for watching.