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Re-size positions in block of Joomla template video tutorial

This video is to help you customize Joomla template layout, resize positions in a block of specific layout.

Video Transcript:

Hi, I’m John from JoomlArt. And today we will talk about how to resize our positions in blocks in a T3 layout.

The T3 framework comes with multiple layouts which are easy to configure and customize. Each layout is built of multiple blocks. Each block can load one or more positions. And what’s more, you can resize those positions.

Here is an example:

This page uses the default layout where the main body block has 2 positions: component and sidebar-2. Now we’re going to resize the positions.

Open your template folder, go to: templates/t3_bs3_blank/tpls. Now open the default layout file. You see there. This loads the main body block. So let’s open the main body block file. As compared with the front page, the page has 2 position: component (or main content) and sidebar on right side so it’s the “one-sidebar-right” block. Open that block file.

Here you can see how the position’s size is defined:

  • size on medium layout - desktop,
  • small layout such as tablet and ex-small layout - mobile.
  • Now let’s change the size of the desktop.

Let’s reload the page. And you see the size of the positions have now changed.

Open the file again, let’s try one more time. Let’s change the size for the small layout.

Reload front-page again. yeah, it works perfectly. Now you see how it works on small and ex-small layouts.

That’s the end of our tutorial today. Thanks for watching and check out more videos at: https://www.youtube.com/joomlart