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How to customize footer in Joomla video tutorial

This video is to help you customize Joomla template layout, resize positions in a block of specific layout.

Video Transcript:

Hi, I’m John from JoomlArt. And today we will talk about how to customize footer info for templates developed with T3 Framework.

The footer block of T3 blank template has 3 info areas: T3 footer logo, Bootstrap copyrights, and T3 copyrights. You can customize any of this information.

First, let’s customize the T3 footer logo by simply turning it off. You can disable the logo with one click by opening the template manager, and in the Global tab, disable the option T3 logo. Then save the setting.

Perhaps you want to customize the style of the logo. The footer logo is defined in the file “footer.php” in folder “templates/t3_bs3_blank/tpls/blocks”. You can change class, and the link … Let’s go out to the front-page and reload. You see, the logo style has been updated.

You also can change the logo image, size … Open the t3.less file in the folder: “plugins\system\t3\base-bs3\less”. You‘ll find the supported class for footer logo here, let’s customize the .t3-logo-dark class. We've changed the logo image. You can set a different logo image for small screens like tablets and mobile. Now view the front-page and reload. New logo is updated but the width seems to be limited so let’s change it. Let’s change the width to 300px, and the height to 40px, also change logo size in small screens. Reload the front-page, logo now looks great.

Next, let’s customize the bootstrap copyright information area. The info is located in the footer.php file in “templates/t3_bs3_blank/tpls/blocks”. You see the info, you can customize to whatever you want, or as we’ll do here...just delete it. The bootstrap copyrights info has been deleted.

Finally, configure the T3 copyrights information area. This info is located in the default.php file in “templates/t3_bs3_blank/html/mod_footer/”. Now customize the information. Reload the page, And that’s it... the info is updated.

That’s the end of our tutorial today. Thanks for watching and check out more videos at: http://www.youtube.com/user/JoomlArt