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Joomla languages video tutorial

This video provides step by step tutorial to create a multiple languages site using Joomla 2.5. As for Joomla 3, you can also apply this video to make your site multilingual.

Video Transcript

Hi. I’m Robert Vining. And this is JoomlArt tutorial video on Joomla 1.6 languages.

For the purpose of this video, we've prepared a French Language Pack according to the Official Documentation. We'll install this language pack and translate all modules, content and menus on this page to the French language. Also we're going to setup a Content Language for French, so stay tuned!

To install a new language pack for both administration and site, go to the Extensions menu at the top and click Extension Manager. Click Choose File and browse for the language installation file on your computer. Then click Upload and Install. Let's check the newly installed language. This language pack applies to both back-end and front-end.

Let's create a new Content Language. Go to the Content tab and click the New button. We set a title, URLp Language Code, Image Prefix, Language Tag and click Save. Next we have to publish the Language Switcher module in the front-end, so go to the Modules Manager and find the module. Here we are going to set a position, set to use language flags and we are going to add a pre-text for this module. Now click Save and Close. Next we're going to enable the Language Switcher plug-in required for filtering front-end modules according to their language settings. Now the Language Switcher module is published and we can start translating the content, modules and menus.

Now that we have the Language Switcher module, let's duplicate it for French language. We use Google Translate for the translation. Well, we are not French, but you get the idea. For this duplicated module we'll set the French language. Here we'll quickly duplicate all modules used on the Home page just like we did for the Language Switcher module. As you can see, all language modules are loaded, so let's set the English language for the original modules and they will be displayed only for English users. The language filter plug-in will make sure that only the French modules are displayed for the French language.

Next we are going to duplicate menu items for French so we'll start with the Top menu items. First, we need to set English language for the existing menu items. And now we'll create new menu items for French. Google Translate is our friend today! Don't forget to set French language. Normally you would link to French content items or menu items, but for our purpose here, we'll link to the existing English items and we'll quickly create a new French menu item for Sample Sites.

Now let's check the front-end. Seems we have to reorder the newly created menu items. Click the Ordering header and then use the blue arrows to reorder the menu items. OK! Now, you can do the same for the other menus. Next we're going to create a new style for the Beez2 template to be used for French pages. Select the default style and click Duplicate, then click the newly create style to edit it.

That’s it for JoomlArt tutorial video.