Joomla extension installation video tutorial

Step by step instruction to install Joomla 3 template & Joomla extension

Joomla Template, Joomla Extension Installation video tutorials

The video tutorial is step-by-step instruction to show you how to install Joomla template and Joomla extension in Joomla 3.

Video Transcript:

Hi, I am John from JoomlArt. Welcome to our Joomla video tutorials series. Today we’ll talk about how to install Joomla template and extensions.

First, login to your Joomla site backend or Administrator area. Go to Extensions >> Extension Manager, and let’s browse to find the installation package then hit the “Upload and Install”. The step is the same and just as easy for installing Joomla modules, plugins, components, languages and templates. Great, our template is installed successfully. Take time to read the instructions from the Template developers to make sure you don’t miss any important notes. In this case, the Purity III template requires the t3 plugin to be installed. So let’s install the plugin.

To manage the template, go to: Extensions > Template manager. You can see your new installed template. Click here to make it as your default template style. Click here to view it from the front-page.

For modules, go to: Extensions > Module manager. Find the module you want to configure and then open its settings panel. You can change the module setting, assign its position and on what pages to display the module. Here our module is displayed on the front-page.

Finally, for plugins, go to: Extensions > Plugin Manager. Find the plugin you want to configure, and for this example, we will enable the system cache plugin.

For any other templates, modules, or plugins, this all works the same way.

That’s it for today, for more Joomla video tutorials, check out at:

Thanks for watching.