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Joomla 3 Content Versioning video tutorials

The video tutorial introduces a great feature of Joomla 3 - Content versioning. We will show you how to enable the feature and how the feature help you with Joomla 3 content management.

Video Transcript:

Hi, I am John from JoomlArt. Welcome to our Joomla video tutorials series. Today we’ll talk about how to enable Joomla content versioning, a great feature that was introduced in Joomla 3.2.

From your Joomla back-end setting panel, go to: Content -> Article manager then hit the “Options” button. Open the Editing Layout tab, now enable the “Save History” option then decide on the number of versions you want to keep. Save the settings and go back to the article manager panel.

Now open the setting panel of an Article. Let’s make some changes the article content, remove some text, and move some text to another place. Once done, add version note to help us remember the changes we’ve made for each version, now save the changes.

Open the Versions panel, and you’ll see all of the saved versions of the article. This star indicates which version is currently being used, and here is your version note. You can preview any of the versions you want and you can also select one, a few, or even all of versions to keep forever or not. You can also compare two versions to see the changes between them. Here’s the older version, and the new version, and the changes between the two versions. To restore a version, simply select the version you want then hit the “Restore” button...and as you can see our content has reverted to the original version.

Add version note and then save again. Again open the version panel, if there are versions you no longer need, simply delete them.

Please note that the changes you store in an article version is not only the article content, but ALL of the information in the panel: Author, Intro images, Dates, etc.

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Thanks for watching.