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Joomla cache system video tutorial

The video tutorial introduces Joomla cache system, Joomla cache types, functionality of each cache type, how the cache system interact with your Joomla site and how to enable those cache type in your Joomla 3 site.

Video Transcript:

Hi, I am John from JoomlArt. Welcome to our Joomla video tutorials series. Today we’ll talk about the Joomla cache system.

Joomla cache offers users a stored view of a web page so that it doesn’t have to be pulled from the database every time a user views the page. The Joomla core offers three levels of caching:

  • Page cache
  • View cache
  • and Module cache.

Let’s get started with Page caching and browser caching.

The cache is configured in the Cache system plugin. Simply goto: Extensions > Plugin Manager, and find the cache plugin. By default, it is turned off. Open the setting, enable the plugin and enable browser caching if you want. Then save the settings. Once enabled it starts caching copies of the rendered pages of the site and on the next request the cached pages are displayed bypassing any database queries.

For View cache and module cache, go to: System > Global Configuration, then in the System tab, you will see the Cache Settings. There are 2 cache modes: Progressive and Conservative. Progressive caching caches the content for each unique visitor while Conservative caching delivers the same cached content to all visitors. If your modules have static content and don’t change much, use progressive caching otherwise select conservative caching.

You can disable cache for specific modules. To do this Go to: Module > Module manager, open module setting panel, and in the Advanced tab, select “No caching” for the “Caching” field and save the setting.

When making changes or adding new content to your site, you should clear cache so that the user can see the latest changes, go to: System > Clear Cache, select cache to delete, then hit the Delete button. Great, all caches are deleted.

You can also purge expired cache, hit the Purge Expired to delete all expired cache files.

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