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Joomla Products Updates & Version release info

JA Brisk template for Joomla 3.0 and Joomla 2.5 is now stable and is available for download. It includes improvement to thememagic and is a major bug fix release. Please check the changelog and use compare files for checking difference and take due backup before upgrading incase you are using the beta version.

JA Brisk Template V 1.0.0 stable for Joomla 3.0 & 2.5

Important : Do not forget to update the T3v3 framework to 1.0.0 RC2.

JA Brisk runs on T3v3 framework and the framework has been updated to version 1.0.0 RC2. Its a must upgrade for JA Brisk.

Changelog :

Bug fixes :

  1. [JATCBRISK-12] - [K2]CSS error in K2 Archive page
  2. [JATCBRISK-39] - Search result page is not nice
  3. [JATCBRISK-40] - User profile is not nice
  4. [JATCBRISK-50] - [Color]Bullet should be changed color when hover in K2 user module
  5. [JATCBRISK-62] - [Ipad - Portrait] Css error in K2 user module
  6. [JATCBRISK-63] - [Ipad - Portrait] Css error with main menu
  7. [JATCBRISK-64] - [Ipad] Cannot expand menu level 2
  8. [JATCBRISK-65] - [Ipad - Portrait] Css error in New feeds page
  9. [JATCBRISK-67] - [Newsletter] Border is not nice
  10. [JATCBRISK-68] - Css error with release version
  11. [JATCBRISK-69] - Image blank for About us is not correct
  12. [JATCBRISK-70] - Css error in Weblinks page after login
  13. [JATCBRISK-71] - [Ipad - Portrait] Footer is not nice
  14. [JATCBRISK-72] - [Ipad - Portrait] Userprofile page is cropped
  15. [JATCBRISK-73] - [Iphone]Menu display not nicely
  16. [JATCBRISK-74] - [Iphone - Landscape] Footer is not nice
  17. [JATCBRISK-75] - [Iphone ] Css error in K2 page
  18. [JATCBRISK-76] - [Iphone] Css error when expand submenu
  19. [JATCBRISK-77] - [Iphone] Css error with page navigation
  20. [JATCBRISK-78] - [Iphone - potrait] K2 image is not responsive
  21. [JATCBRISK-79] - [Iphone] Css error when view k2 detail article
  22. [JATCBRISK-80] - [Iphone] Css error when view tag
  23. [JATCBRISK-81] - [Iphone - Portrait] Css error with page navigation in Joomla category
  24. [JATCBRISK-82] - [Iphone] Css error in Login form
  25. [JATCBRISK-83] - [Iphone - Portrait] Registration form is not responsive
  26. [JATCBRISK-84] - [Iphone - Portrait] Css error in contact us page
  27. [JATCBRISK-85] - [Iphone - Portrait] Css error in Smartsearch page
  28. [JATCBRISK-86] - [Iphone - Portrait] Newsfeed page is not responsive
  29. [JATCBRISK-87] - [Iphone] Pricing page is not responsive
  30. [JATCBRISK-88] - [Iphone - Portrait] 404page is too small to see
  31. [JATCBRISK-89] - [Iphone - Portrait] Space in slideshow is not consistent
  32. [JATCBRISK-90] - [Iphone - Landscape] Aboutus should be displayed 2 columns to see nicer
  33. [JATCBRISK-91] - [Iphone - Portrait] Css error in Search page result
  34. [JATCBRISK-92] - [Iphone] Css error with k2 user module
  35. [JATCBRISK-93] - [Iphone] Userprofile page is not responsive
  36. [JATCBRISK-94] - Submenu is higher than parent menu

Improvements :

  1. [JATCBRISK-96] - Improve thememagic

Upgrade steps.

  • View the comparison between versions at JoomlArt Version Updates and replace the affected files, if you have not customized the affected files.
  • RECOMMENDED : Use JA extension Manager Component for upgrade. Watch video for how to upgrade using JAEM.

Any issue arising out of this update be discussed in respective template forum.