A dedicated responsive Magento theme for books only - JM Bookshop. Compatible with both Magento 1.7 and Magento 1.8, the theme features flat design with clean layout, responsive design, Off-canvas layout, Mega Menu and many more features.

To attract bookaholics, JM Bookshop is designed to show off the covers and details of each book item excellently. This responsive Magento theme comes with up to 9 powerful Magento extensions, including Mega Menu, JM Masshead, JM Slideshow 2, JM Product Slider, JM Tabs, JM Product along with JM Quickview. Especially, JM Product Deal is featured for groupon-alike landing pages, and also JM Basetheme as your best theme-personalizing tool.

Finally, among JM Bookshop 6 built-in skin colors, don't forget to check the Christmas theme skin for you to rock this Xmas event!


Responsive Magento theme JM Casual is an elegant eCommerce Magento fashion theme that charms your stores with the professional design, a sleek layout and functional features. The site makeover is well suited for fashion stores about clothing, shoes, handbags and accessories.

At the first glance, you may fall for the beautiful imagery display of JM Casual which is catchy, smooth and mostly animated. Available for all the latest versions of Magento CE, JM Casual supports responsive web design along with Off-canvas menu for mobile device accessibility. This versatile theme ships with 7 complementary Magento extensions including Mega Menu, JM Basetheme and JM Slideshow as well. JM Casual also offers 6 bonus theme colors and settings to get your store in multiple store views.


Responsive Magento theme JM Classy is our elegant eCommerce theme for online fashion stores.

At the first glance, JM Classy charms with an eye-catching Homepage. You can get the main categories right in the spotlight with its full-screen slideshow. JM Classy also supports infinite loading for product list.

Furthermore, this eCommerce Magento theme is fully responsive, supports Off-canvas and comes up with 5 packed-in Magento extensions including Mega Menu and JM Basetheme. Two more plus: 4 theme colors and the multiple language and currency alternatives.

Head over to the Live Demo for more illustrations of our JM Classy.


We release our August responsive Magento theme JM Crafts. It is an inspiring Magento theme for those who wish to impress shoppers with the elegance and vivid feeling. With the pastel gamut and willowy lines, JM Crafts can reveal perfectly the artistic manner of the store.

This responsive Magento theme should be perfect for highly crafty shops such as handmade stores, bakeries or just any related type of stores.

Not just the charming look, this responsive Magento theme is as powerful as ever. We feature responsive Magento theme JM Crafts with various Magento extensions consisting of JM Slideshow, JM Product, JM Basetheme and JM Masshead. JM Quickview is also available to serve the shoppers at most convenient.

Enjoy this beauty and check it in action.


JM Flannel is a charming Magento theme among all, it is design to be flexible and fits to various types of online digital stores. This Magento theme comes in a very clean and neat design, have a modern and stylish look.

JM Flannel also comes with many strong features and functions, promises to bring you a powerful online store. Impress your customers with a mega menu displaying rich categories and quick product views, or optimize your online promotions with Daily Deal Extension or give your customers ease of mind when function with Ajax shopping cart.

There are more extensions and features comprised in this theme which help you to present your products in the most appealing way: multi-color skin, homepage slideshow, popup window quickview, multi-language and so on.


A bold responsive Magento theme for game & entertainment stores. The theme is packed with Mega Menu, Off-canvas, JM Basetheme and and many other exciting features that you have to go figure.

This month responsive Magento theme supports a variety of Magento extensions including Mega Menu, JM Basetheme, JM Product List, JM Tabs, JM SlideShow, JM Masshead, and JM Product Slider. These extensions have incorporated to blend in with your content and Make it shine.

JM Gamestore comes in 6 color schemes and dynamic layout. If you are looking out for a makeover this fall, responsive Magento theme JM Gamestore is your go-to Magento theme.


A high energy Magento theme for your online skate shop or accessory store featuring edgy and minimalistic street style.

Help your site stand out from the crowd and get the attention it deserves with the JM HawkStore Theme for Magento. Come in 6 color skins with big fonts, colored blocks and graffiti, JM HawkStore will bring energy and life to your online store.

This edgy theme includes useful extensions such as JM Slideshow, JM Mega Menu, JM BaseTheme, JM Product, JM Tabs, JM Product Slider, JM Masshead which will help to attract and retain customers by improving the user experience. Just say no to tiring themes, and download the JM HawkStore Theme today.


Looking for an outstanding Magento theme to kick-off 2014? JM iTech here is a great pick!

This responsive Magento theme is especially designed for digital and electronics accessories stores. Flat design, sleek and clean block layout, handy features and extensions, JM iTech will rock your site.

JM iTech supports Magento 1.8, responsive design, features Off-canvas menu and up to 8 complementary Magento extensions including JM Basetheme, JM Masshead, Mega Menu, JM Product, JM Product Slider, JM Slideshow, JM Tabs and JM Quick View.

In all, JM iTech charms with its trendy look and powerful features. Play around and explore the theme yourself?


JM Jasmine responsive Magento theme is a fresh appearance for restaurant website.

The theme features a bright red color theme and an attractive layout. JM Jasmine comprises 5 extensions: JM Mega Menu, JM Product list,JM Spotlight,JM Quick View, JM Masshead, JM Slideshow.

Quick View extension helps to view product detail easily without any uncomfortable steps. Mega Menu with multiple columns displays all the product categories along with featured products. The slideshow with extremely nice visual effects and transitions puts your promoted or featured products on spotlight. Many promotion blocks are styled with light hot colors which emphasize your premium products.


Colorful, eye-catchy and well-organized, responsive Magento theme JM Kidsland really knows how to grab attention of your visitors when it comes to kids... and their parents.

Available with both Magento 1.7 and Magento 1.8, JM Kidsland ships with up to 8 complimentary Magento extensions including Mega Menu, JM Basetheme and JM Slideshow. This eCommerce Magento theme supports responsive layout and especially Off-canvas menu for mobile devices. Plus, you can enjoy 5 bonus theme colors along with the multiple language and currency options.

Responsive Magento theme JM Kidsland is highly suggested if you own an eCommerce site for children about toys, clothes, accessories, books, etc. Feel it yourself by entering the Live Demo site. Hope that you'll enjoy!


Flat, elegent and organized, responsive Magento theme JM Leathercraft is surely a stunning makeover for your eCommerce Magento sites, especially if it comes to a branded leather handbags and accessories store.

Ready for latest versions of Magento, JM Leathercraft features responsive layouts, Off-canvas navigation and 8 complimentary Magento extensions including Mega Menu, JM Basetheme and JM Product Slider. Also the theme offers 5 bonus theme colors and multilangual options with various currencies as well.

Best fits with Magento online stores for branded leather handbags and accessories, responsive Magento theme JM Leathercraft could be a good choice even if your stores are about fashion or art and crafts. Give it a try and you can see!


Make your store stand out this summer with responsive Magento theme JM Lingerie.

JM Lingerie comes with sophisticated design, 7 color skins and a wide screen slideshow with smooth transition effect brings a great impression for your store.

This theme is packed with various Magento extensions such as JM BaseTheme for the ease of color customization, JM Mega Menu with custom block displayed, JM QuickView for an auto-update shopping cart and especially the off-canvas navigation for the ultimate mobile and tablet display. All in Magento theme JM Lingerie.


JM Mago - An elegant Magento theme for your high fashion online store. Flat and Minimal design applied.

It's your high fashion store, give it the high-class look it deserves. Mageno theme JM Mago is designed specifically for high fashion store, with the elegant look and feel, bright white color and clean block layout.

This theme comes with many features like Slideshow, Product Slider, Spotlight, Mega Menu, Base theme and so on; promises to bring you a powerful online store.


Responsive Magento theme JM MegaMall brings a dynamic and professional outfitter for any ecommerce sites possessing a huge range of products list. With the adaptable design focusing on separate clean blocks for items, JM MegaMall can fit in a variety of e-stores including fashion, souvenir, digital, electronic stuff or retail store.

Supporting both Magento 1.7 & Magento 1.8, the theme JM MegaMall is fully responsive and packed with Mega Menu, JM Basetheme, JM Product, JM Product Slider, JM Quick View, JM Masshead and JM Slideshow. Also this Magento theme features our new extension JM Advanced Search for better items filter. The Christmas theme skin is added along with 5 more build-in colors for you to choose.

If you own a store with a variety of product ranges or a market place then this Magento theme JM MegaMall is surely a perfect candidate for you.


The all new responsive Magento theme - JM Monsieur, perfect fit for menswear fashion stores.

Classy and luxury, fresh and dusty, our responsive Magento theme JM Monsieur is great for grand fashion shops for him. Using mostly black and white colors, the theme promises a strong impression for anyone at the first glance.

The theme is packed with a long list of Meganto extensions: Mega Menu, JM Basetheme, JM Product List, JM SlideShow, JM Masshead and JM Quickview. One small added thing: you have 5 default built-in colors to switch before you discover more choices with tons of color variations in JM Monsieur.

You want to grab attention of shoppers? Responsive Magento theme JM Mousieur will do it for you.


Comes in 6 different colors including one specially for this Christmas season. JM Neros is Responsive along with the all new JM Mega Menu which lets you do more with your navigation. Introducing JM Masshead extension, now you can place a custom header for your shopping categories.

The 7 exciting extensions are also included such as JM Mega Menu, JM Slideshow, JM Products Slider, JM Products, JM Tabs, JM Spotlights and espcially JM Masshead.

It's where simplicity meets true beauty by the aid of typography. Looks great on a wide range of screens size, handheld and tablet devices. Perfect for your digital, movie, music, office supplies e-commerce Magento theme.


Looking for a hip-hop or street style fashion store?
JM Siotis is here to answer your call.

JM Siotis now comes with 6 exciting extensions including: JM Mega Menu, JM Slideshow2, JM Products Slider, JM Product, JM Quick Buy and the awesome JM BaseTheme. This means you now have unlimited color choices for your site with much less effort spent on customization. Also you can pick from 6 color skins supported in the theme.

JM Siotis is a responsive theme with the extra bonus of an Off-Canvas menu for mobile. All these amazing features are blended together in JM Siotis - your powerful, stylish and attractive responsive Magento Fashion Theme.


Responsive Magento theme JM SportsGear is well-suited for any eCommerce sites about sport apparel and equipment. The theme is unique with the flat design, bold typography, sleek grid layout and dynamic arrangement of promotional blocks.

Compatible with latest Magento version, JM SportsGear supports Off-canvas navigation for mobile devices and comes with 7 complimentary Magento extensions including Mega Menu, JM Basetheme, JM Product List. Not to mention 5 bonus theme skins and alternatives for foreign shoppers as well.

If you own an e-store targeting to energetic people who love sports and outdoor activities, responsive Magento theme JM SportsGear is surely a great pick for your eCommerce site.


Simple and vivid, our responsive Magento theme JM Sporty is a special offer for your online sport and fitness store, a perfect combination between sport and fashion. JM Sporty comes with many Magento extensions like JM Slideshow with smooth transition effect, Mega Menu with featured products, Off-canvas navigation, JM Basetheme for customization, responsive design and so on. Besides, 5 color skins are supported so you can quickly pick your suitable color skin.

Also in this responsive Magento theme, we support an exclusive extension Color Swatch which allows you to display a products in different colors and sizes.

All in one - let's dress your store a new sporty look with this responsive Magento Sporty theme.


Responsive Magento theme JM Summer is a beautiful, bright and colorful Magento eCommerce theme that would instantly transform your Magento stores into a summer-ready inspiration theme, or merely just a quick makeover to freshen up your fashion stores.

JM Summer is our first Magento 1.9 theme ever, and you sure will be enjoying this stunning theme together with all the benefits that the new Magento 1.9 brings. The clean layout and flat designs does add in the elegant look and feel to JM Summer, plus the catchy full width slideshow ready to impress any visitors.

The theme also comes with 6 complementary Magento extensions including JM Slideshow, JM Product List, JM Product Slider, JM Masshead, JM BaseTheme and Mega Menu. And that's not all! You will get triple the awesomeness with up to 5 default theme skins, and the multiple languages translation and currencies support as well.