JoomlArt Magento theme for May is coming, it's JM Anion! Anything about theaters, DVD, HD trailers, movie times etc., are right in JM Anion. Let's go big to make an internet movie database like imdb, or as a source for movies news and reviews...

A strong point of JM Anion lines in the set of extensions, basic but adaptable to kick off such a movie site. Typical functional presentations in JM Anion: group contents into tabs (eg. Popular, Latest); show product items in grid or list type; create slides of image items both in scroll format and auto slideshow. Certainly lots of things are still ahead to get a full-featured movie site, but JM Anion will be a cut-through. Browse JM Anion's 6 color sets - default, blue, red, green, brown, orange for real inspiration.


Planning to sell variety of items under multiple categories online? then JM Asenti Shopping theme is for you. A single glance at the demo site will be sufficient for you to make up your mind. The theme focus primarily on the practical layout to highlight products from multiple categories comes in 4 colors to choose from.

This light theme is designed with intention to put your products in the first plan, while keeping an elegant look that stands above the competitive online stores.

JM Asenti comes with easily configurable complimentary extensions: JM Slideshow, JM Tabs, JM Product Slider and JM Category List so you not only get a great design, but complimentary features powered by these proven extensions.


JM EasyShop brings the general shop design to life. Its JoomlArt's November theme for Magento. Vibrant backgrounds with simple colors appeals to eye. Checkout live demo. Simple elegant theme with 4 simple color options.

It comes with easy to configure complimentary extensions, tactically placed slideshow and product slider in the theme gets the right attention of the users. JM Slideshow, JM tabs and JM Product Slider extensions are complimentary with this theme, so you not only get a great design, but complimentary features powered by these proven extensions. Go on, appreciate the live demo.


JoomlArt Magento Theme Club Responsive Magento theme JM Flannel will bring you a unique and sophisticated site to present your products. JM Flannel features the 2013 trendy design Flat design - clean grid layout and solid colors, Ajax Shopping cart, Mega Menu and many more extensions 4.4 stars, based on 2589 reviews $80 In stock! Order now!

"The only true love is love at first sight; second sight dispels it." - Israel Zangwill

If you ever love this quote, you would think again when you see JM Flannel Magento theme.


JM Flannel is a charming Magento theme among all, it is design to be flexible and fits to various types of online digital stores. This Magento theme comes in a very clean and neat design, have a modern and stylish look.

JM Flannel also comes with many strong features and functions, promises to bring you a powerful online store. Impress your customers with a mega menu displaying rich categories and quick product views, or optimize your online promotions with Daily Deal Extension or give your customers ease of mind when function with Ajax shopping cart.

There are more extensions and features comprised in this theme which help you to present your products in the most appealing way: multi-color skin, homepage slideshow, popup window quickview, multi-language and so on.


Looking for an outstanding Magento theme to kick-off 2014? JM iTech here is a great pick!

This responsive Magento theme is especially designed for digital and electronics accessories stores. Flat design, sleek and clean block layout, handy features and extensions, JM iTech will rock your site.

JM iTech supports Magento 1.8, responsive design, features Off-canvas menu and up to 8 complementary Magento extensions including JM Basetheme, JM Masshead, Mega Menu, JM Product, JM Product Slider, JM Slideshow, JM Tabs and JM Quick View.

In all, JM iTech charms with its trendy look and powerful features. Play around and explore the theme yourself?


It is glad that JM Larix - the sixth Magento template by JoomlArt is now available for download. The design comes as a new instance derived from our Joomla-based JA Larix - the template integrated into Sample Products of Virtuemart, a Joomla leading Online-Shop solution.

JM Larix builds up product showcases using JM Product List and JM Product Slider, the extensions we developed from scratch. Apart from these two default apps, you can consider to utilize other addons in our product line to extend JM Larix features. Our current templates JM Mesolite, JM Tube or JM Topaz surely give you lots of reference for those addons combination. Further, widespread use of JA Larix in Joomla is another helpful way for different approaches while adapting JM Larix for Magento.


Finding great inspiration from tons of good feedbacks on our first Magento template - JM Purity, JoomlArt team is happy to deliver the 2nd template of the month JM Mesolite to all JoomlArt Magento club members.

Going with JM Mesolite, you will see our first extensions for Magento, named JM Category List, JM Product List, JM Product Slider and JM Slideshow, complementing an optimal presentation of all products to your potential customers. The JM Product Slider and JM Product List allow to display a specific range of product to localize your shop (i.e. Best buy, Top Rated, Most Reviewed groups etc.,). In the meanwhile, the Category List enables to organize static product listing with different layout configurations (setting numbers of columns, leading products, intro text per each product etc.,). Last but notably, you will find in JM Slideshow beautiful banners loaded from any specified folders.


Comes in 6 different colors including one specially for this Christmas season. JM Neros is Responsive along with the all new JM Mega Menu which lets you do more with your navigation. Introducing JM Masshead extension, now you can place a custom header for your shopping categories.

The 7 exciting extensions are also included such as JM Mega Menu, JM Slideshow, JM Products Slider, JM Products, JM Tabs, JM Spotlights and espcially JM Masshead.

It's where simplicity meets true beauty by the aid of typography. Looks great on a wide range of screens size, handheld and tablet devices. Perfect for your digital, movie, music, office supplies e-commerce Magento theme.


The July Magento theme JM Oganis has just been released at JoomlArt, checkout live demo for 5 vibrant colors and cool angles.

JM Oganis wraps top link elements (i.e. Wishlist, Checkout, My Cartetc.) into a Javascript show/hide cpanel and assigns the main horizontal menu dedicated for product-related.

The main body block carries multiple inner blocks neatly, as can be seen the animation spotlight (brought by JM Slideshow), best seller item scroll (JM Product Slider) fits well with product grid (JM Product List) and an extra column for regular Magento stuffs like Category Listing, Popular Tags, Compare Products etc. Such layout leaves a lot of ground in the right column for nested tabs (JM Tabs) and common Newsletter, Poll modules. Not convinced? Browse JM Oganis's homepage for a visual wireframe.


JM Pixeri - Magento theme for online movies DVD shop - is the April 2012 Joomlart Magento Theme. Professional theme with great layout to present multiple products. Available in six color Red, Blue, Brown, Green, orange and Violet. The JM Product Slider adds to be nice look and provides a decent way to showcase featured products.

The theme can be used for any purpose, replacing the demo content with your own content and it can be made to sell anything. This Magento theme is unique and we are sure, similar one's will be very hard to find aroundThe elegance the new fantastic style of this template. We are proud of it and we offer this chance to all of you so if you need a new magento site or a new style for your old Magento site JM Pixeri is your best choice.


JM Purity is simple but very clean & professional theme where users can do a lot of color customization with a few simple steps. We adapt our standard usertool on top of JM Purity that enable your buyers to control font size and color themes (default, red and blue) for the best view.

JM Purity was the first of the Magento Theme developed by JoomlArt and it is still the top downloaded Magento Theme in our portfolio


The October Magento template - JM Seleni, provides you another easy option to create custom interfaces diversifying from built-in 10 color variations plus handy functionalities.

The JM Seleni demonstrates ways to build rich dynamic and static content, enhancing marketing with your Magento store. With little Layout-XML, you easily create blocks of static content, add a banner, header image or descriptive text to a category, or even static SEO landing pages.

Similarly, you can use the “block” tag to load any dynamic custom extensions (i.e. JM Product Slider, JM Slideshow, JM Product List, JM Tabs Module and JM RSS). Following our detailed guides, we believe you will get a great shortcut to take your site from conception to finished product in matter of minutes.


JM Sterix - Magento theme for Mobile and mobile accessories online store. Professional theme with great layout to present multiple products. Available in five colors Blue, red, green, orange and turquoise. The JM slideshow V2 extension adds nice look and provides a decent way to showcase featured products.

The theme can be used for any purpose, replacing the demo content with your own content and it can be made to sell anything.

The elegance the new fantastic style of this template. We are proud of it and if you need a new magento theme or to update your old Magento site JM Sterix is your best choice.


Should you find an affordable and neat Magento shopping or online store related templates, our JM Topaz can help to opt for your site at a high quality design that you won't be able to turn down.

JM Topaz well define a neat and professional looking, even to each minor element on the stores like small text colors and lines in sub-pages. Making such essential design feature more applicable widespread, we bring lots of cutting-edge functional enhancement via a range of built-in extensions developed by JoomlArt like JM Product List, JM Slideshow, JM Product Slider and JM Rss. Those single extensions contain standard XML tags to specify custom layouts for the product listing and content presentation that appears on store pages.