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  • All Gavick joomla templates and extensions 3 domain tech support.
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Pro Plus

  • Pro + All JoomlArt Templates, 3 domains each
  • 6 Months Support & Upgades
  • 3 Domains Tech Support
  • $99 Renewal (30% OFF)
  • 1+3 Pro Theme
  • 1 Pro Joomla Template
  • 16 Premium Addons
  • JA Page Builder Pro


  • Pro Plus + JAEC + Builder Premium Plus + unlimited domains support
  • VIP Ticket Support
  • 6 Months Support & Upgades
  • 3 Domains Tech Support
  • $99 Renewal (30% OFF)
  • 1+3 Pro Theme
  • 1 Pro Joomla Template
  • 16 Premium Addons
  • JA Page Builder Pro

Frequently Asked Questions

These cases are perfectly simple and easy to distinguish

If I'm not satisfied with JomSocial, can I get a refund?

We offer a 14-day money-back guarantee, please read our Refund Policy carefully before you purchase.

Can I install JomSocial on more than one domain?

Yes, All plans let you install on as many domains you wish. However, keep in mind that support is given only for the domains registered with us.

If I buy JomSocial now, will I be able to download new updates as they become available in the future?

Upgrades will be free for the duration of your subscription, this includes all major and minor releases.

Does JomSocial do any "Call home" for license checking?

No. JomSocial does not make any 'home' call to our server or any other server.

Is your source code encoded?

No. No part of our source code is encoded. You will have access to every line of the code which you can hack to your liking.

What happens if I do not renew?

Your JomSocial installations will continue to function irrespective of status of your subscription. Renewals let's you access support and upgrades.

How to update, rollback Joomla templates & Joomla extensions

Take full backup

Always do a complete back-up before upgrading Joomla or any extension, so that you can easily rollback if there are issues.

At JoomlArt we recommend following any of the following options to upgrade our free of paid Joomla Templates or Extensions.

1. Download new version and install

If you have not modified / customized files, then proceed to download section and download the latest version.

Login to your site backend > Extensions > Manage and install the new version. The new version will override current version using on your site.

In our download section we maintain all the older versions too, so if the latest version has issues, you can re-install older version from our repo and report the bug in our forum.

2. Using JA Extension Manager component - Recommended for JoomlArt products

#1. Set up JA Extension Manager Component

Over the past 10 years we have learned that at one point of other the members customize directly the core files and these changes are lost on upgrade and at times it can be hard to remember the changes. We recommend using our free JA Extension manager component for performing upgrades or rollbacks. It helps you compare versions, move changes between files, remote installations and much more.

Download the extension HERE and install it.

In the backend proceed to Components → JA Extension Manager then select Service Manager, now set JoomlArt as your default service. Next, hit the "Edit" button then add your JoomlArt's Username and Password.

#2. Update extensions

You can use search function or extension filter to find the extension you wish to upgrade, then hit the "Check Update" button.

Reload the page and you can now see available versions. In case you want to rollback, just hit the Rollback button and select version to roll back to.

Watch the video below and you would be amazed, how easy yet powerful our JA Extensions Manager is.

Note : If you are logged in and still not able to download, then please reset your password and that should fix the issue. It is a known bug


If you are logged in and still not able to download, then please reset your password and that should fix the issue. It is a known bug

Thank you! We will contact you within 24 hours

Product life cycle

Product support overview of our Joomla templates (since 2010)

JoomlArt support life cycle for Joomla templates

JoomlArt support life cycle for Joomla templates

Support policy   Support life cycle

With an aim to outline our commitment for providing support to released Joomla templates over the years, we have comeup with a simple timeline illustrating our approach for future updates and support for the templates released over the past 4 years. Now, since Joomla! release strategy keeps on changing, for our timeline we are using tentative dates for future versions and our plan.

Please note, the information below depends a lot on the Joomla! CMS road map, therefore the information here is subject to change.

  • J 2.5 support - Joomla! 2.5 is due to be retired by Dec 2014 and we plan to provide customer support (technical support) for extended 2 months while asking everyone to upgrade to Joomla 3.x versions. All of our Joomla 2.5 templates are already available for Joomla 3.x and would be updated for Joomla 3.5.
  • J 3.x support - This highlights the current Joomla 3.x (short term releases) support and eventually will cover the lifespan of proposed Joomla 3.5 (long term release).
  • J 4.x support - We would be upgrading all our T3 framework templates to Joomla 4.x as and when it is released. However, as the features and release dates are not clear as of now, so this information may be subjected to change over the period of time.

Joomla! release strategy changes - outlined by Andrew Eddie on 16th April 2014

Joomla release strategy changes

Joomla release strategy plan - screenshot from the JUG Brisbane presentation by Andrew Eddie

Watch Andrew Eddie, co-founder Joomla! speak frankly about the new release strategy - Video changes of Joomla! and how it may affect you.

Code Freeze - We plan to put some of our older templates to Code freeze starting Jan 2017. Let me explain what it would really mean and if you should be worried or not :

  • All of Joomla 2.5 templates will be updated and maintained over the lifespan of Joomla 3.x series.
  • Once in code freeze phase, no new feature or version upgrade would be released with exception of security fixes. No Joomla version upgrades or framework upgrades would be applied.
  • Average product life of templates from the first release to code freeze is around 6-8 years. Code freeze of templates over the years would help us to maintain a healthy advanced template portfolio for you to choose from which would be advanced in terms of technology and design.
  • Lets face it, with so many technological / feature changes in the Joomla, as well as advances in the scripting (backend/ frontend) and not to mention the groundbreaking advances in UI / UX, design concepts every year renders a Template life spanning around just 5 years. Beyond which a site redesign and restructuring is warranted.

Summary :

Besides from providing life cycle visualization for our Joomla templates the aim is also to assure our members of longer life of our products as compared with others. The information above and illustration in the support life cycle chart is for information purpose only and is subjected to changes based on changes to Joomla! release strategy and internal policy decisions.

Support Policy

Query type
Support level
Demo site display
Your site does not look like our demo site? No problem, provide us your site details and we will help you. Temporary login info if provided makes this task a breeze. Login info can be submitted even in our forums in the hidden fields (mods eyes only).
We hate bugs and act swiftly to crush them. Provide us steps to replicate the bug and let us do the rest.
New feature requests
As long as the feature will add value to the product and is requested by others too, we will add them.
Maybe, maybe not
Limited customization support is available only for developers. For regular members minor customization requests may be fulfilled depending upon the workload and staff discretion.
3rd party extensions issue
Lets face it, while we do test our templates with popular extensions at random but it's not possible to cover all of them. So, our take on this is very clear : if it works in Joomla default templates but not in our templates, we will try our best to fix it, provided the 3rd party extension developer is using standard unmodified dependent libraries.
Very Good
Old versions
We recommend using the latest versions of products in your site but we also understand that its not possible everytime. If provided with full details, screenshots and temporary login details, we can have a look and try to help.
Adding module positions or layout changes
As long as it does not fall under major customization expect good support. Please note, sometimes the template concept can be restrictive, for example : we cant help to add module position in JA Smashboard which is horizontal scrolling as it may break responsive layouts.
Maybe, maybe not
Javascript conflicts
We understand that javascripts conflict can put the whole site purpose in limbo. We always help investigate such issues and if it can be fixed from our side, we always fix them. If we express helplessness due to 3rd party extension issues, you will have to take it up with them. We are always ready to work with others to resolve such issues.
Maybe, maybe not
Ping Pong
We hate it. We can not provide efficient support if you post single line poorly formatted questions without detailed description of the issue faced. You will only get blunt wild guesses as replies, not to mention the prolonged resolution time. Help us to help you.
Server and Hosting
We can only help to point out issues, beyond that its between you and your hosting provider.
Very very limited

Forums or ticket system?

We encourage use of forums for asking support questions. It helps to share knowledge. Ticket system is primarily for Developers and for sales queries.

Support Timing?

Support is available Monday to Friday 8.30 AM to 5.30 PM with reply time of max 24 hrs.

Support Domain limitations

We do not have any support domain limitations. You can use our products on unlimited domains.

Support Scope

Our support scope is limited to helping users get demo site alike display, bug fixes and guidance limited to the concept of template, any questions beyond this scope may be ignored but open for community contribution. Limited customization support is available only for developer members.
For paid products, support is for active users only.

Delayed Support?

Over the years we have refined our support workflow but there are still few avenues where the delay in support is inevitable. If beyond 24 hrs you do not receive reply, you can escalate the issue for intervention with any of the following ways : 1. Bump the thread / ticket 2. Provide ticket ID/ thread URL via Chat (right bottom) 3. Ping us on Facebook / Twitter.

Access support forum!



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