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Available for Joomla 3
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JA Ironis Introduction

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  • Updated on:14 Aug, 2015
  • Version:2.5.6
  • Download:970,496
  • (3.7 / 286 votes)

JA Ironis - is a Events Joomla Template for Joomla 3. It comes with seven amazing colors and K2 component support. We also have other Joomla event templates such as Events, Events II and JA Conf. Ironis has a very fresh feel site with eye pleasing colors and module arrangements and module tags. The template will be found useful not only for events or blog but it is also suitable for personal site.

Powered by robust T3 Framework 2, it comes bundled with multiple complimentary extensions.

  • K2


Version 2.5.6 14 Aug, 2015

Bug Fix
  • Edit module: JA Login module is cutting
  • Edit module: Topbar right module is error language
  • Edit module: Template Features module is missing space
  • [K2_ Item Page] Navigation is no nice, long tittle make down multiple line
  • edit module: Slideshow module is blank page
  • [K2_Blog][J25,31] Featured label is too small than tittle

Version 2.5.5 12 Jul, 2013

  • Upgrade to compatible with Joomla 3.1
Bug Fix
  • Position of Edit button isn't right
  • CSS error in Blog Page & Category list Page
  • Close button doesn't work in Error Message
  • [IE]Layout is broken in contact page
  • [J31]Style of Button Search has changed

Version 2.5.4 18 Mar, 2013

Bug Fix
  • Some error on Editor
  • [J30] Change content of the template (J25 -> J30)
  • [J30] Please add ja comment component to the template (now it's compatible with Joomla 3.0)
  • [J30] Missing style in tag page
  • Css error on Comment button in list page

Version 2.5.3 28 Dec, 2012

New Feature
  • Update K2 component
Bug Fix
  • Error with the "Leave Comment" text in blog item page
  • Link buttons should be highlight when mouseover on it
  • Sone bug in K2 comment
  • Social Sharing block should be styled as it is in J15
  • Can't show published date
  • Error in the Edit K2 Profile page
  • Enable CAPTCHA in the K2 Comment form to prevent spam
  • plz add more Top menu
  • Error in the K2 Registration form
  • [J30] Please style the Edit button in front-end
  • Css error in Editor

Version 2.5.2 25 Sep, 2012

  • upgrade to joomla 2.5.7
  • upgrade to joomla 2.5.7
  • Apply fix error Xamp1.7.7(upgrade version version PHP, MySQL, Apache) for all module
  • Apply fix error Xamp1.7.7(upgrade version version PHP, MySQL, Apache) for all module
Bug Fix
  • Paging error when enable Development reporting error
  • Error with language in the menu

Version 2.5.1 20 Jun, 2012

  • Upgrade to joomla 2.5.2
Bug Fix
  • [JA Login] Some strings not be translated or not in language file

Version 2.5.0 10 Feb, 2012

Bug Fix
  • [2.5]Login disable when Register valid data fail
  • [Plugin T3][2.5] Template style incorrectly when change setting to join & minify & compress
  • [J 2.5] Can't show image
  • CSS error on title when edit article
  • Comment with upload file lost image icon
  • [Joomla 2.5]Duplicate Submit button in Reset Password page
  • Css error in Registration page
  • Got errors when enable Debug System
  • [JA Login]Display Greeting incorrect
  • Header lost style in some pages
  • [Comment] Not show youtube on the frontend
  • CSS error on add Read more button

Version 1.0.1 15 Oct, 2011

Bug Fix
  • [Contactus]Css error in Contactus page in IE7
  • Css error when reply/quote comment in IE7
  • Css error on mega menu when create many submenus
  • [Demo category page] image is pushed to over page
  • Css error after reset username successfully
  • Css error in header area at default color
  • Css error when create new an article
  • [Demo content menu]- Error on Submenu
  • Css error in footer area in IE7&8
  • Missing style for page navigation of comment
  • Remove RTL in Cpanel because it's not supported plz
  • [IE7] Lose border in advanced search form
  • Css error in Password reset form
  • Got 3 errors when open Template manager
  • Image not auto resize on featured, blog article
  • [JA comment]- Dont see icon of attachment on Editing mode
  • Missing New multilanguage status module in backend
  • Css error in Login form popup
  • [Contact] Contact form is not nice in IE7&8
  • [Contact Us page] set align for [Name] textbox
  • Typing mistake "lates ->latest"
  • [Login form] Css error in Login form in Comment
  • [Slideshow] First image slideshow doesnt show description & date
  • [jalogin] cant change language on jalogin module
  • [Opera] CSS error in login form
  • Got error 404 when go to login
  • Css error with Navigations menu
  • Css error in contact page in IE9
  • [IE7-JA comment] Show menu action is empty after edit comment
  • [JASlideshow] cant show desc on thumbnail

Version 1.0.0 15 Aug, 2011

First release