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Search K2 Articles based on extra fields

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JA K2 Filter Component Introduction

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  • Updated on:31 May, 2019
  • Version:1.3.3
  • Download:81,502
  • (4.4 / 291 votes)

K2 extra fields is one of the best feature of K2 Component . Our JA K2 extra field filter and search component gives the functionality to filter or search K2 articles based on their extra field values.

JA K2 extra field filter is easy to use and being a component, so it is more powerful than any other extensions. The search module supporting horizontal and vertical layouts thus can be used in any module position.

It comes with good documentation, clean code and is actively developed with more features being added regularly. Give it a try and you would know.

  • Filter and Search K2 articles based on extra field values
  • First and the only module to provide such an advanced search feature
  • Configurable filter parameters (option to select specific parameter to display in the search)
  • Multi display options for each filter parameter
  • Easy back-end for configuration
  • Additional Themes
  • Auto complete search function
  • Auto Filter function
  • Sorting order for item in result page
  • Vertical and Horizontal display mode
  • Dynamic Counter: Auto update counter of each filtering field value based on what users selected
  • Sort search result by extra fields
  • Sort list of values of each extra field
  • Advanced keyword search with a lot of operators: intitle, intext, inall, inmedia, etc.

Filter and Search based on extra-field

Besides the normal search options by Keyword, category and author, JA K2 Filter allows you to search, filter your K2 articles based on extra fields.

Multiple Standard Fields for filtering

Besides filter by extra fields, the module supports a lot of "Standard Fields" like: Filter by keyword, by categories, by tags, by rating, etc.

Filter by extra fields only ?

With one click, you can disable all standard fields in the filter and search block. In this case, the filter mode is extra field only.

Configurable filter parameters

The module is highly configurable, from its layout (multiple layout supported for flexible content display) to its filter parameters. Each time you add an extra field, you will have the filter option for this extra field in JA K2 filter.

Multi display options for each filter parameter

For each extra field, you can configure for its display in front-page by assigning a filtering type for it: Range Slider, Magic selection, Drop-down selection, Multi select list, Radio buttons or Checkbox buttons.

Easy back-end for configuration

This is not only a rich-fetured module but also a highly configurable module by its powerful admin panel. JA K2 Filter module is for filtering configuration while JA K2 Filter component is for configuring the layout of search result page and items in the page.

Additional Themes

We support one theme by default, and an additional theme that you can add to JA K2 Filter module used in your site. Moreover, you can create your own theme for the module.

Autocomplete search function

If you are running version 1.0.5 and over, enable this option in the module setting pannel. The Autocomplete search function provides suggestions when you type into search field.

Auto Filter function

This option can be enabled or disabled, it's up to you. When enabled, the result will be auto narrowed due to your filtering values without clicking on Filter|Search button.

Sorting order for item in result page

In Search result page, you can configure number of items to be displayed and set ordering for the items by: Oldest first, Most recent first, Highest rated, etc.

Vertical or Horizontal

JA K2 Filter module supports 2 displaying modes: Vertical or Horizontal, with one click, you can change within the 2 modes.

Dynamic Counter

When the option is enabled, counter of each value from filtering fields will be updated based on what users selected.


Version 1.3.3 31 May, 2019

Bug Fix
  • Issue with responsive layout
  • Backend: Got problem with some tooltips
  • Message warning when Reset
  • Missing language on Rating field
  • Link button need more styled

Version 1.3.2 29 Mar, 2019

New Feature
  • Choose to exclude Author from filter
  • Show number of items found in search result page
  • Support 'Show more' link for long list as in JA Megafilter
  • Update counter when ajax filter
  • Keep values ​​when go back after clicking item
Bug Fix
  • All Etra-Fields should be hidden after 'All Fields' has been selected
  • Fix error when search "ha ha" on searchword input
  • Update language for Fields Pri-filter by Tag on module K2 filter
  • Problem with loading ajax
  • Search Keywords with minus character doesn't work
  • Error when search keyword on k2 filter
  • Should be restyle and add tooltip for Show hide options field on K2 filter module
  • Missing language and should be add tooltip for excluded author config on module
  • Relevance Settings: Describe need more clear
  • Search Keywords specify location doesn't work properly
  • Fix duplicated ajax send when hit enter on text filter ( by extrafileld)
  • Update tootip for Select categories field on K2 Filter Module
  • Minimum/ Maximum Keyword Search parameters do not work
  • Error when indexing
  • Fix alway redirect when hit enter on keyword search
  • Update language for Fields Start/End date on module K2 filter
  • Search Keywords inall doesn't work properly

Version 1.3.1 27 Jul, 2018

  • Convert jadepend js from mootools to jquery
New Feature
  • Support to add class / ID filter
  • Support 'Pre-filter' settings in com_k2 menu item
  • Features Requested: support to search for keyword is extra field
Bug Fix
  • Remove the scrollbar on two Extra field groups
  • Get code error on K2 Module with Radio select
  • Get Code error on K2 filter module
  • Issue with Dynamic mode

Version 1.3.0 21 Dec, 2017

  • Issue with select box when enabling K2 filter plugin
New Feature
  • Add cache filter
  • jadepend: covert mootool to jquery
Bug Fix
  • Do not trigger submit when date error
  • Fix auto filter with ordering even setting is off
  • Remove uniquie from #__jak2filter_taxonomy_map.node_id
  • Fix duplicate input variable
  • Fix chosen search can't work correctly
  • Add chosen to extra field tab, use flatpickr for date field
  • Fix can't rate item
  • Do not auto filter on date ranger filter

Version 1.2.9 05 Oct, 2017

  • Support filter item rating = 0
  • Remove mootools, use jQuery instead
  • Upgrade to compatible with K2 2.8
  • Upgrade to compatible with Joomla 3.8.1
Bug Fix
  • Avoid error if not show standard field on ajax filter.
  • Search button doesn't work on firefox after deleting some sorted fields
  • Error if 2 modules call the same depend filter category,

Version 1.2.8 10 Feb, 2017

  • K2 filter - updateserver tag updated
Bug Fix
  • JA K2 Filter Component search not working in IE 11
  • Update jak2filter plugin ajax only affect multicategory field to avoid jce editor bug can not save.
  • Fix some errors with JED Checker

Version 1.2.7 30 Dec, 2016

Bug Fix
  • Change jsite get menu to joomla3x
  • Rewrite code: Change jquery to mootools submit function to prevent js conflict
  • Fix regexp escape fields

Version 1.2.6 27 Oct, 2016

Bug Fix
  • Filter by rating doesnt work anymore
  • Reported Security Vulnerability in JA K2 Filter Component
  • Got error when active 2 extra field groups

Version 1.2.5 20 Oct, 2016

Bug Fix
  • Fix check required for multiple selectbox
  • Remove echo on search result page
  • Update Jrequest to Jinput
  • Fix missing k2 container for ajax options.

Version 1.2.4 04 Oct, 2016

New Feature
  • New feature: options to add fields as required fields
  • New feature: blank page with message before searching
  • Improve performance
  • Update multi ordering for horizontal layout
Bug Fix
  • Fix issue of searching text extrafield with "/" (slash)
  • Fix bug for reset button that returns to default k2 template