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    Template totally useless to 90 percent of people that are members here… come on move on from copying same templates over and over again and get with the program guys. We are mostly sick of useless templates. get some creativity involved, not just copy over template form month to month and change colors on it.

    pprle Friend

    @developer and other members
    By the end of our subscription how many templates are really worth the investment of your yearly subscription??

    I think you should stop selling templates !

    Create a main T3 template and a page builder to customize the site pages as we want.
    Grid, colors, classes, etc.

    Then start creating themes for Joomla! components….

    I think creating themes for components would be better than creating templates that suits maybe 15% (?) of your customers…

    My own 2p but worth thinking about it

    aardcom Friend

    Ihave to agree with the post above. If you cannot update all the old templates, they become useless. Why some are even available is beyond me. If T3 is the framework all the sites are built on, and at the same time supposed to make customizing the templates easier, why is it so difficult for JA to update all the templates. If it is difficult for you then its more difficult for us.

    I would prefer to see the framework and addons up to date and get down to a few core templates that are useful to all. A directory, an all purpose business, a news site, a vendor site, a realty site, a non profit. I think you were on the right track with Uber as a core and adding layouts and themes that could be customized. With security such a big issue nowadays it is imperative that the templates are updated quicker than they are or they are useless. If it takes two to three months for an update to a template it is a big problem for all. And some templates have not been updated for years. Why post them. Their done. Admit it.

    Make a plan or proposal and see what the community has to say. Also simplify the workload for your developers. We will all be happier. We don’t need 5 color versions of the same tmplate, we need to be able to choose colors and make the change easy to do. We don’t need 5 game sites, or 6 ecommerce sites that all need updates separately developed. We need one that can be customized with modules that are up to date.

    Easier said than done but clearly you need to do something to focus in on a direction that works.

    gringo211985 Friend

    Hi @pprle

    I’ve been banging on about this for well over a year and nothing has changed, it really winds me up. They still haven’t fixed a bug in Uber when you have a sticky topbar + header which I told them about over a year ago!

    Totally agree they need a template / page builder where we can do what we want. Then have the ACM module with new styles and blocks every month. Styling for components is also a very good idea!

    @arvind Chauhan

    What is the template for October???

    If we miss another template this month that makes 4 we are missing from a 12 month subscription!!! And the members are right, the templates from this year absolutely suck! I only use Uber because it’s the closest thing you have to a template builder.

    Look forward to seeing Octobers template…. (not a joke)


Viewing 4 posts - 31 through 34 (of 34 total)

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