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  • Arvind Chauhan Moderator

    Hi guys,

    While the voting is on for the upcoming templates. For this month we plan to release a Restaurant template targeting medium size restaurants. Please go through the features we intend to incorporate.

    Core features of the Restaurant Joomla template:

    • Dedicated pages of Restaurant website:
      1. Menu
      2. Reservation – Opentable integration.
      3. Reservation – Joomla extension
      4. Reservation – Static page with call to reserve.
      5. Gallery for Food, Venue, Outdoors, Instagram
      6. Page for About us / Chef / Our Team.
      7. Offers page – Coupons, oof-peak hours offers, Mailing list signup
      8. Special menu items
      9. Takeaway page
      10. Widgets from TripAdvisor / Yelp
      11. Multiple layouts of Menu page (with and without images)
    • Supports JA ACM Module with multiple block types

    Poll : Templates that you want us to develop

    • Small Biz (dentist/ hairdresser / other service providers) Template (41%, 148 Votes)
    • Corporate / Company Template (35%, 127 Votes)
    • E-commerce Template (do mention preferred extension in replies) (28%, 102 Votes)
    • News Template (28%, 101 Votes)
    • School / University (19%, 69 Votes)
    • Social / Networking Template (17%, 63 Votes)
    • Personal / Blog Template (14%, 52 Votes)

    Total Voters: 365

    Loading ... Loading ...

    NOTE : More screenshots will be added later. The template has been in development for over a week now and features may change as the development progresses.

    Sneak Peek 1: Homepage

    View the higher resolution Here

    Sneak Peek 2: Multiple color themes

    We will update more screenshots in coming days. Let us know what you think about this preview.

    James G Friend

    Looks good. A template which can be used by developers.

    Would still like a template which could be used by small business like plumbing / carpentry / flooring / electrician / builders etc – as i don’t think you have ever covered this section and lots of oppetunity for developers with a template supporting them.

    James G Friend

    Also i would suggest VIK Restaurants it is the most fully featured not to mention allowing the menu option with online ordering.

    notfound JATC

    What about online ordering? Can you add that too?

    Edit: Never mind. James’ comment has answered my question.

    gringo211985 Friend

    Hi Arvind,

    Looks good and Vik of course is easily the best.

    One thing I would like to say is please make sure all of the inner pages for Vik are styled for, such as the takeaway menu, table selector (the default one sucks) and so on. Having these missing would just be a total shame.

    Apart from that all seems good to me.

    Oh and it’s "2 people" not "2 people’s" – people is the plural version of person lol

    Thanks, Richard

    gringo211985 Friend

    Hi Arvind,

    Also what happened to the Uber + T3/4 update???


    samirbeg Friend

    Template looks great and dedicated pages are very good.
    Color options: I would like to see more food colors. I design many restaurant web sites and never used blue color 🙁 Check menu colors samples on my website
    Menu option with online ordering is must. I used K2 store but better is needed. People want to see menus with photos. Photos on the menu simplified order, reduces ordering time because decision is easy and quick resulting in more revenue.
    Modules for Catering Packages and Lunch specials can be very helpful.
    Variety options to show food photography is extremely important.

    I am looking forward to use your new template.

    All the best

    splico123 Friend

    Hi Arvind,

    Also what happened to the Uber + T3/4 update???


    guess they keep going old ways, new templates for few… not new and upgrades for what most of us want.

    TomC Moderator

    This template looks every bit as professional as many high-end restaurant website’s I’ve seen.
    I especially like the partial "Menu" on the front page – with option to click to see entire menu.

    Phill Moderator

    It is really a rock/hard place situation. If JA do not give all new templates then users get the hump, when JA upgrade existing stuff then users get the hump. Trying to please everybody is not an easy task.

    Please be aware, work on T3 is ongoing.

    lorento Friend

    Template look hard. Is there possibility to have several restaurant with comments ? Thanks.

    emi782000 Friend

    The template is awesome, online ordering is a must have and i think it will be a very usefull template for all of us. Have o lot of thanks.

    tamir72 Friend

    Looking great, few things i want to make sure:

    1. what about RTL the template?
    2. make sure you have a click too call and click to reserve on mobile
    3. think about AcyMailing and AcySMS integrated (or alike), so subscribers can do it easy
    4. click to drive with Waze. so people can click and navigate to the resturant
    5. A Widgets for Google maps, their reviews are taking over the other guides around the world…

    That’s it, i am waiting for another template from you.

    pradiptaamrta Friend

    Looks promising…

    Thumbs up… and I could say no more but "You guys (and gals — is there any?) rock"

    ’twas never an easy task when you dump the Pokemon template..and changing course into this kind of template

    creativeint Friend

    Someone has been working hard. Nice save. No feedback it looks about right.

    Love to See UBER updated next, and yes a tradesman’s template would be a great idea.


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