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  • dspe Friend

    Really looking forward to the release!

    Thanks again JA!

    rikaryo JATC

    No sidebar left and right?

    Where will I add my advertising to the homepage?

    The new template is getting very attractive, congratulations

    Rikáryo Mourão
    CEO - HeróiNerd - Inventtive

    haxx JATCJAEC


    I quite like the look of the template and really interested to see the demo, any news on when it may be available?

    Many thanks


    sbelyshev JATC

    where is the demo?

    Arvind Chauhan Moderator

    We are trying to release the demo at an earliest. For the advertisement we have implemented Skyline Extension. So ads can be placed in Joomla and K2 articles.

    @rikaryo will confirm with team about left and right side bars for ad placement.

    emanmashlah JATCJAEC

    Waiting for the Template …
    But I hope to be a style for category list also. that show thumbnail image.
    Also I have the same question as @rwlfr , It is difficult to use images of this size

    vecdom Developer

    Thanks for pushing out this awesome template.

    I noticed that k2 styling is different from screenshots in preview or even joomla articles. Do you plan on matching the layout originally presented for k2?

    Also, are we able to build homepage out to look the same way using k2 categories/items?

    • such as slideshow and different module blocks

    . Thanks again

    Grzegorz Laski JATC

    When can we expected Ja Oslo documentation ?

Viewing 8 posts - 46 through 53 (of 53 total)

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