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  • dibson Friend

    The title and explanation is referring to this as an Intranet site/application? Does that mean that this can’t be used in an Internet environment?

    ibewguy Friend

    OK, so this is JULY – when can we get this new template?


    himangi Friend

    Hi can you add an integration for Shika LMS ?

    It should be a very good fit in an Intranet template

    acooper Friend

    You need to have a component for birthdays and highlight the "home" for the birthday of the day.

    pcristina Friend

    Yes thank you
    when done
    i will buy it for my school portal

    Joyoso Friend

    Nothing to stop you from incorporating EasyBlog yourself, if you wish.

    Joyoso wrote:

    Superb ! But why not incorporate EasyBlog?

    Yes but with your Supported 3rd Extensions

    Joyoso Friend

    <div class="d4p-bbt-quote-title">Joyoso wrote:

    Superb ! But why not incorporate EasyBlog?

    Nothing to stop you from incorporating EasyBlog yourself, if you wish.

    dieudonne Friend



    Really good this one.
    I just need a Intranet template for a private website inside a small compagny.

    Support of EasyBlog‘ll be great…

    Is there a date for the official release ?


    Arvind Chauhan Moderator

    @splico123 Thanks.

    @obliat not fully sure of the features a car membership. You should checkout easysocial demo to see if you can customize it to your needs.

    @peiyouliao thanks.

    @unvacancier I am sure for the phone book features you would need another component. Try the JED if there is one.

    @joyoso Time and resource constraints. But if more users would be asking for EasyBlog, we can do it in next version.

    @slimshady2092 it is very time and resource consuming to style 3rd party extensions. If this was just a social template we would have provided options for JomSocial and Community Builder also.

    @aratype thanks for the idea. I also had this for long in my mind as I was running intranets for my university colleges 9 years back and was using community builder, groups, userlists and docman for various features.

    @henningg thanks

    @paxx As I said it is very resource consuming to style 3rd party extensions, we could not accomodate each and everyone out there. But if there are more users asking for the same, we will consider. For now, we chose the extensions based on their popularity, users.

    @dibson It is Joomla, you can use it the way you want it. Template name is only there to hint its use.

    @ibewguy The template will be released soon. We will put up the demo in the next few days. Yes, it is bit delayed but then this was a very new concept and had many extensions to style, not to mention the Admin template and simply that were being worked upon at the same time.

    @himangi As discussed with TechJoomla, It would be better to have standalone template for LMS and Shika extension is very promising. Will follow it up with your team to see how we can go forward.

    @acooper I agree but we could not find proper extension to do so. Let me see if we can develop something to add this feature in the next versions.

    @pcristina thanks

    @dieudonne Thanks for the feedback. Let me see if I can get easyblog with minimum style added before we release. I hope to release this template next week.



    dieudonne Friend

    And of course a K2 support …!

    jamjodesign Friend

    Great template and nice to see a dashboard page as always seems to be missing,

    I too am calling for EasyBlog styling here. Would be nice addition.

    gometzler Developer

    Hi there very nice template!

    I have one question. On Stackideas forum there is the Support Status and Holiday Status for EasyDiscuss. Could you also implement this in Intranet template?

    Look at Image… 😉

    PS: Please Support EasyBlog 5 thanks

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    Aratype Friend

    <div class="d4p-bbt-quote-title">aratype wrote:

    Thank you guys! I see that my idea was not bad at all…

    Really? … YOUR idea? – smh

    I do not need to smh, look to the link:


    The most important is not the idea but what you do with it!

    blackfiction Friend

    Looks very promising. +1 for easyblog support!

    cristiano Friend

    @drarvindc, A login page for intranet looks like this image

    Intranet Login

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