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    @cristiano We do have a login page for intranet : Let me see if I can get a graphic next to it added as a option.

    @all EasyBlog is being styled, devs agreed to add it.

    @gometzler The function for support online / offline has been custom build by stackideas. I did talk to Mark about it last year. For us to add that feature would need to hack the code of easydiscuss or develop a module for the same. I would talk to devs about it.



    Joyoso Friend

    Yeah !! Great for adding EasyBlog 🙂

    toto13 Friend

    Very interesting!!! I love you 😀

    Will it work with Jomsocial ?

    lordmalak Friend

    Hi guys,
    That template seems to be really good !

    I just have three questions :
    First, how long will it take to have this template ready to use ?
    Second, how can we customize the template ?
    Third, is the template compatible with forum extension as Kunena ?

    Have a nice day

    PS : hope i’m understandable (i’m french)

    jamjodesign Friend

    Super news on Easyblog, definitely worth adding, I would love to see a grid/masonry view in Easyblog as well as standard view.

    One question on the login screen here: will it be compatible with say which is already working well with easysocial and it would be nice for users to add other social networks and not just Facebook.

    mediaoff Friend

    Sorry, I cannot resist to ask what happened to the Uber template with simple solutions and different styles that your users voted for in January with 39%?


    Maybe you find the time here to respond the my question.

    azri445 Friend

    do you have any plan for jomsocial? or this template soon compatible with jomsocial?

    Arvind Chauhan Moderator

    @ azri445,

    Sorry, no plans for JomSocial yet. It takes way too much time and I would not mind putting in the same if there was more requests for the same.
    I already got 3.6 updates looming, RC is already out.



    uzeal Friend

    Ha! I was just tasked with building a new intranet for our company. I’ve used joomlart for personal projects in the past but I guess now I know what I will be building the backbone on 🙂 Thanks guys!

    ab Friend

    Imagine the following site….
    Public can upload pdf files and search similar pdf’s, find similar pdf’s THEN contact the owner and bargain or buy acces rights, share joint knowhow. ect.
    EXAMPLE: 1) Imagine you get a burocratic gov. letter (tax, fine, bill)
    2) upload the pdf, link to google docs ect to JA intranet.
    3) find friends, share problem solving and solutions, pain and gain. maybe even sell proven solutions

    I believe JA Intranet and doc can do that. Devil is in the detail…..what you think ?

    vecdom Friend

    Do you have an ETA on release at this time?

    Arvind Chauhan Moderator

    Hi @vecdom,

    Hopefully tomorrow (thursday) it should be released.

    Demo is up (but without easyblog) :

    EasyBlog integration is almost done and once it is completed. The template would be available for download.



    axus Friend

    Just want to check that with this template it’ll be possible to use logo type, site name and slogan at top left?
    Also you’ll be including more footer module positions won’t you?



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    Arvind Chauhan Moderator


    Yes, the top left corner should work fine as standard Joomla logo / slogan.

    Adding module positions near the bottom should not be an issue. Incase, you find it difficult, the support team will help you out.



    jamjodesign Friend


    The Demo is looking good. Do you have login details for the demo frontend, the reason I ask is I am wondering if the user can move the widgets/modules on the dashboard around to suit their own use and setup as typically this would be useful in an intranet type setup?

    Thanks for your time.

Viewing 15 posts - 31 through 45 (of 55 total)

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