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  • Hung Dinh Admin

    Thank you very much for help us to check out the new JoomlArt 3.0. You can read the full information at this post:

    During the Beta phase, we still keep the old site running in parallel until the stability of the new system. We will fix all reported bugs as well as continiously add a few small improvements on a daily basic.

    This thread is for bug report only. If you have any suggestion on improvement or feature request, please leave a reply this thread so that we can handle everything more efficient.

    May you have a wonderful time this Thanksgiving, with friends and family. Enjoy. Happy Thanksgiving Day.

    Hung Dinh

    Manos Moderator

    Once you reply… you need to be able to move to the next forum thread …with one click… Maybe we could have a "Search for New" threads or something like that.

    Love the colors and the fact that it’s a lot faster now on everything!

    splico123 Friend

    In download manager the right sidebar has an error message stating: My Downloads
    Fatal error: Call to undefined function get_terms_by() in /data/www/ on line 398

    this is in the right column under My downloads.

    dr.facc Friend

    May be it is not a real bug: in the profile informations the membership subscription is not updated in real time (while it is in the old site)

    Joel Salazar Ramírez Friend

    Hi there. Searching for a template (JA Events) is a bug. Attach image

    propolis Friend

    Same here,

    I cant do much as it says I need to sign up, but I did sign up one week ago


    karlwebster Friend

    My membership hasnt been synced across to the new site yet, are you still in the process of doing this or is it an issue with my account?

    Yap Friend

    The system will not email the membership payment invoice.
    Hope it can be improve. Thanks =)

    Dion Pitsilos Friend


    The Extensions Downloads (for paid Members) don’t work for me on your new site even though I have a valid Developer membership…

    e.g. I’m receiving a 404 error when trying to download the latest version (1.0.7) of the JA CountDown Module for Joomla 2.5 & 3.4.

    I can download the same JA CountDown Module for Joomla 2.5 & 3.4 on your old site, but he latest version on your old site is 1.0.5.

    I have also had the same issue (not able to download other members only extensions) using your new site.

    Hope you can fix this download issue soon for paid members on your new website that does look great!



    dieudonne Friend


    thank for this new website.

    but 1// is it a wordpress website ? Apparently yes…why did you do that ? Your T3 is not enough powerfull ? You don’t trust in Joomla core ?

    2// it is just slow. Often when we click on a link, we must wait 5 to 20 sec before to see the page…

    3// impossible to upload avatar

    The uploaded file could not be moved to wp-content/uploads/sites/4/user-avatar.


    Hung Dinh Admin

    Thank you for your report. Let me update with you the bug fixes status:

    • Download issue is fixed. @d1on, you can now access to all download sections (except JobBoard). @splico123, the issue you reported is fixed as well.
    • Membership is synced, @karlwebster please check your membership again, it is updated.
    • Search function is re-indexed and it is working properly now, if you have time, please help us check it again @karlwebster
    • Since users are synced between and, you guys can login with your account in new system (email is recommended). @propolis you can login with your account, not need to signup, your membership is also synced, you can start using our new system as it will be the main site soon.
    • You can upload your avatar via profile editing page.

    Thanks again for spending time exploring our new system.

    tom_laan84 Friend

    It’s a WordPress site instead of a Joomla one!

    dieudonne Friend

    Yes, but why Joomlart, who develop Joomla templates and extensions, develop the new Joomlart website in wordpress ??

    It is not logical ! The message is "we don’t trust in our extensions and templates…!"

    It is a very bad message to the community of Joomlart…

    tom_laan84 Friend

    From what i see only the forum page is WordPress. My guess is they were having issues and were too lazy to fix that. Found a workaround by using wordpress instead.

    suprehn Friend

    Well, if they use WP for the forum page, then the would really need to reconsider if this is a wise decision. Just look at all the junk and spam thread that are posted here, and the site is not even live yet.

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