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    This is a general feedback and not a bug report (I followed the link that says feedback and got here…).

    1/ With the new site, in the forum site, it has become harder to find basic things, such as where to post a new question, where to find my existing posts, etc. Also the search facility didn’t really find what I wanted to find either (related posts, etc). I had to spend some time to find such basic forum functionalities.

    2/ This is not directly related to your new site, but your chat facility does not provide real time support, so why have it? And at the end of the day all they say (in the reply email hours later…) is to post the question to forum.

    jingato Friend

    I have to agree with all the comments about the forums. Very hard to find what you’re looking for. Why is there no search option? It’s such a standard feature and helps you find solutions instead of having to post a new thread, which is also better for you guys since you don’t have to answer as many duplicate threads.

    I also don’t understand why I don’t have access to all the forums. That is a little disappointing. I’ve have a lot of issues with the Masthead module and it would be nice to look through that forum for solutions instead of having to post new threads in the forum for the specific template I bought

    gringo211985 Friend

    Joomlart – Restore a backup of the old site, do yourselves a favour!

    I agree with all the comments, the new forum is worse than the old one, it’s hard to find stuff and the use of wp doesn’t sit well with people because it basically says,

    "we don’t trust the thing we sell"

    Arvind Chauhan Moderator


    We are fixing issues with the new system as they are reported and finding solutions to pending ones. I did reply to you earlier too about the backend systems. Earlier we were using VBulletin and now using WP based highly customized supportive scripts, I really do not agree with your statements that we do not believe in what we sell.



    roadwarrior Friend

    Seems like joomlart is not professional. Way too many complaints it seems. Why put a site live if it’s not done. Also I submitted 3 presale questions and no answers in 2 days, Now imagine after I buy this product! . Plus, why your site is wordpress if you’re objective is to get people to buy your joomla based products? unless you sale for both CMS’s

    Anonymous Moderator

    Also I submitted 3 presale questions and no answers in 2 days, Now imagine after I buy this product! .

    Could you clarify where you submitted your questions so I could assist you further, as I’ve checked your forum history and see that you haven’t started any topic yet.

    Edit : Apparently our Contact Form is broken so we must have missed your mesage. For now you can post your questions in this Pre-sale board and I will answer you ASAP.

    gringo211985 Friend

    Found a couple more bugs,

    1. My forum posts are not orderable, before I could sort them by filters, now there is nothing, please fix
    2. Where has the "thanks" button gone? I like to give thanks to those who help
    3. E-mail notifications don’t seem to work when replies are sent

    Also using WP is fine if you are making templates for both CMS’s but if you still can’t see why me and everyone else is saying the same thing, then it’s probably not worth renewing. It seems you guys pretty much wasted a year on a new sub-par site built on a CMS you don’t support using the bog standard Uber layout and have upset some of your most loyal customers.

    Like I previously mentioned you guys should restore the old site and start focusing on t3v4 and fixing bugs in current templates and innovating new templates like you used to.

    Qvsoft Friend
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