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  • domko Friend


    we have the same problem with JA SOCIAL, Optimize CSS does not work we need a fast solution.

    John Friend

    I rolled back the Joomla update but have a problem where intro or full image select does not work in content manager: edit article. The following return is displayed in manager/ database/ fix

    Database table structure is up to date.

    Database schema version (in #schemas): 3.7.0-2017-04-19.
    Update version (in #
    extensions): 3.6.5.
    Database driver: mysqli.
    145 database changes were checked successfully.
    173 database changes did not alter table structure and were skipped.

    I am unable to restore due to possible corruption. Can anyone help me on this one with a a manual fix.

    John Friend
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    alumnivv Friend

    I am using JA Platon template. I am getting the below error after 3.7.0 update

    Undefined index: media in /public_html/plugins/system/t3/includes/core/minify.php on line 260

    rupertbugl Friend

    I have the JA Nuevo Template. Is their a problem zu update to joomla 3.7?

    An other question: I still have JA Nuevo version 1.02 and t3 framework version 2.6.0. Because with (joomla 3.6) all works well and a update will change my current layout (I have made changes) I want not make the template and t3 updates to Nuevo 1.04 and T3 framework 2.6.0. Is their a security problem, which will force me to update?


    palos Friend

    JA NEX – JA News Featured module is suffering from php issues after upgrading to J3.7.0
    (php 5.4, 5.6, 7.1 tested)

    Any planned date for new release?

    pankoro82 Friend

    Disable Optimize CSS, it works for Teline-V and Moviemax…
    Thank you gromxy…

    kak3n Friend

    ETA on fix?

    Juan Carlos Stauring Friend

    I was unable to do the Optimize CSS option on ja university. The only way I was able to get rid of the errors, were to go to Global Configuration > Server tab and Error reporting to "None"

    John Friend

    Don’t update to 3.7 without testing. I do not know of any of the templates that are functioning. 3.7 has some core changes.

    John Friend

    Don’t update to 3.7 without testing. I do not know of any of the templates that are functioning. 3.7 has some core changes.

    group3solutions Friend

    Indeed! Thanks for the tip about disabling CSS minification.

    hugopatricio Friend

    B├║scalo en la Template.

    Klaus Friend

    After update to joomla 3.7 no more front-end editing is possible: I am using ja-ores template, with other joomla templates there is no problem.

    Following error message:
    Fatal error: Call to undefined method JFormFieldText::getRenderer() in E:xampp htdocs bt365 libraries joomla form fields text.php on line 208**


    1. afterUpdateJoomla3.7_ja_oresTemplate
    impressme Friend

    For templates
    Ja Mono
    JA Brickstore
    Ja Resume
    Updating to 3.7 breaks the site

Viewing 15 posts - 31 through 45 (of 167 total)

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