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    JoomlArt: JA Xenia – User’s Guide

    1. Menu Types Configuration

    JA Xenia offers you 4 types of our traditional menu. The menus applied are JA Split Menu, JA CSS Menu, JA Transmenu and JA Script Dropline Menu

    To choose your menu type, go to the 32rd line in the “ja_xenia/ index.php” and change $ja_menutype to what you need.
    1 is Split Menu, 2 is CSS Menu, 3 is Transmenu and 4 is Script Dropline Menu

    2. Screen Resolution Configuration

    JA Xenia allow you to set 3 types of screen resolution. You can easily config JA Xenia template’s width by modifying the Template Configurations part in the “ja_xenia/index.php”.

    To choose which screen’s width you want to use, go to the 24th line of the “ja_xenia/index.php” file and change the value of $ja_width_default to ‘wide’ (1024×768), ‘narrow’ (800×600) or ‘auto’ (100% width).

    3. Font Resizer Configuration

    You can also configurate the font resizer function. Go to “ja_xenia/index.php” and replace the value of $ja_font_size_default to the size you want. You can choose the font size ranged from 1 upto 6.

    4. Color Theme Configuration

    You can configure the default color theme of JA Xenia too. You can switch it to make the template fit in your overall theme. We provide the alternate colors ‘blue’ and ‘green’ beside the ‘default’ brick style.

    To specify the default color of your site, go to the line 26th of the “ja_xenia/index.php” and replace the value of $ja_color_default to the color your want.

    5. Typography

    Beside the traditional typography since JA Pollux, JA Xenia has been multiplied with 4 more typography styles:

    * The Sticky Note. Use <p class=”stickynote”>Your note</p> to form a sticky note
    * The Pin Note. Use <p class=”pinnote”>Your note</p> to form a pin note
    * The Clip Note. Use <p class=”clipnote”>Your note</p> to form a clip note
    * The Block Number. Use <p class=”blocknumber”><span class=”bignumber”>Number</span>Your content</p> to form a clip note

    6. JA Header Module

    The flashing module you’ve seen in demo page is the new, style-revamped flashing header of JoomlArt. You can choose between Fade Javascript style, or Flash Object style to display your cool images. All are XHTML validated and have flexible parameters for you to configure.

    * Go to your Administration Panel, and choose the Modules in Install Menu.

    Then, choose the (you can download the file in JA Antares Club Download Folder). And then, press the Upload & Install button.
    * After successfully installed, the modules will be placed at menu Modules -> Site Modules

    Navigate through the list and select JA Header Module.

    * In Module Detail Settings, please set up the module attributes look exactly like this image.

    * In Module Parameter Settings, please set up the module parameters to suit your needs

    For more information, these settings mean:

    Header type: Type of the header: JavaScript or Adobe Flash.

    Image type: Supported image types. Use “|” as a separator.

    Image folder: The folder that module will look for images. The default folder is templates/ja_antares/images/header. Note: Use forward slashes instead of backward slashes.

    Width: Width of the header, you can use per cent or pixel as unit.

    Height: Height of the header, use pixel as unit.

    For JA Xenia, use 152px as the height of the module.

    Timer: Time for the next image will be appeared. Use second as unit.

    Order: Determine how image will appear: sequential or random.

    Fadetime: Speed of the transition. Use 1 as slowest speed.

    Looping: Repeat option in sequential mode.

    xpos and ypos: The offset of the image in its container. Use 0 as default.

    7. JA News Module

    JA Xenia have just set a new style of displaying your content in the frontpage with JA News Module. To make your front page looks like the demo, please download and then install JA News Module following these instructions:

    Go to your Administration Panel, Site -> Template Manager -> Module Positions

    * Add a module position named ja-news and click the button Save
    * Go to Installers -> Install Module then install JA News Module.
    * Go to Modules -> Site Modules and then select JA News module
    * Set the basic configuration of JA News module like this image (notice the module position: ja-news, show title: off)

    JA News Configuration
    JA News module consists two part as you see in the Demo. The first part of the module is JA Ajax Headline, which shows the latest frontpage news items in a rollover box. The second part is the other news classified by your categories. Here’s the full description of JA News module’s parameters.
    Headline part:
    Module Class Suffix: Please set “-janews” as the module class suffix of the module.
    Show Headline: Determine whether the headline was showed.
    Headline text: Title of the headline if showed.
    Number of headline news: Number of items in the rollover box. These items is your latest frontpage items.
    Auto Roll: Set the rolling state for first time user.
    Rolling delay time: Delay time of the roll between two items in rollover box (in seconds).

    Other news part:
    Category ID: Categories that your news items will be selected from, separated by commas. Leave it blank means all categories will be selected.
    Link Items: Number of other items listed in each category.
    Max Chars: Limit the number of characters in the showing item of each category.
    Image Width: Fixed width of the image of news item.
    Image Height: Fixed height of the image of news item.
    Columns: Number of columns division.
    Show Intro: Determine whether the intro text was showed.
    Show Image: Determine whether the image was showed.
    Hint: To know what id is your category, go to Content -> Category Manager and look at the Category ID column.

    Disable Joomla! original frontpage
    Go to Menu -> mainmenu to open main menu settings:

    Select Home menu item:

    Set the value of Leading and Intro to zero (0):

    * That’s all! Now your Joomla! frontpage will looks completely different.

    8. Modules Style

    JA Xenia offers you many styles of module suffix to help you to get impressions from your blocks. Add the module suffix ‘-brick’, ‘-green’, ‘-blue’ to fit the highlight module with your color theme.

    9. Other Notices

    * If you want to change or remove something in the footer, just open the “ja_xenia/footer.php” then modify it to suite your needs.
    * The {mosimage} may show some extra padding and margin. To solve this problem, go to your Joomla! Administrator -> Mambots -> Site Mambots and change the margin and padding parameters of MOS Image mambot to 0.
    * PSD/PNG files and fonts can be found in the template’s source package. Please download the file at our download page in case you need to modify something.
    * You can easily enable and/or disable the tools in JA Xenia. Go to the 30th line of “ja_xenia/index.php” and change the value of $ja_tool to the value you want. For example, 0 is disable screen and color, 3 is enable both.

    * JA Xenia template also supports multiple colors. To add another color, go to the 21st line and add the color you want to the array $ja_color_themes.
    The css of each color located at folder “ja_xenia/css/colors”. You should name the css file match with the new color you’ve created.

    Please report bugs of Xenia in this thread. Thank you for the reading.

    chanton Friend

    When disable colour, the site tools will break the layout in IE 7, (maybe IE6 too.)

    ygirod Friend

    See different threads of JA Xenia Forum.

    ErikThorsen Friend

    When I set the JA News category to just 1 or 2 or even 1,2, this disrupts the entire layout of the page. Anyone else with the same problem? 😉 As I don’t understand why this happens..


    ygirod Friend

    ErikThorsen;6569When I set the JA News category to just 1 or 2 or even 1,2, this disrupts the entire layout of the page. Anyone else with the same problem? 😉 As I don’t understand why this happens..!

    Maybe this can help ?

    Hung Dinh Friend
    ShannonN Friend

    After reading with interest your claim that most of the bugs have been ironed out I said “you beauty!” and download the update. Didn’t do a lot for me really, still full of bugs, if you were a major software company you’d be all sacked and closed down by now, this template wouldn’t rate an “Alpha” release let alone a finished product tag, you really need to get your act together, it’s hard for the consumer as we have paid in advance for x number of templates, so we have to hang in thee and take whatever you throw at us, but the templates not looking like the demo template is bad enough, yet full of bugs and lack of cross browser testing is obscene ….

    Moving onto the faults I wish to report

    When I set the width of the template to “auto”, I notice it wont display properly the site tools all the time, that is, some of the icons revert to text links because the text box is “squashed” and cannot display at the correct size?

    Resetting to wide corrects this fault, however if auto is set to 100 % and I run my screen at 1024 x768 and browser at maximum why does “wide” (setting of 1024 x768) reset to slightly wider? This happens in Firefox V2.01

    The footer area problem is still there in both I.E 7 and Firefox. It appears on pages that have long text descriptions or extra modules that push the page down a refresh of the page fixes this problem and the page footer etc displays correctly

    A request. Can you please train your artists to use Fireworks and save as fireworks png files? While I have Photochop I hate it and prefer a vector based package
    most other template manufacturers use FW pngs within the template not jpegs and they’re far easier to modify etc

    Also we were promised the data and SQL to make the template look and feel like the demo would be available for download? Can I have that URL please ?

    Hung Dinh Friend

    Hi ShannonN,
    Do you install on a clean Joomla installation or existing database? It’s best if you can provide us a live url to look at.
    Someone in our develope team will give you the sql download link tomorrow.

    zandercent Friend

    I have downloaded the template, but it is read only, i cant delete or save over any of the files on my server. If i try and change the file permissions i am dissallowed. I know it is something to do with the xenia template as all the default templates can be changed as usual.

    what is up??

    solsikkehaven Friend

    zandercent . This is not a template issue, but a file rights issue (CHMOD issue) on your webserver / webhosting service. For information on how to correct this, please contact your webhost support.

    You can change CHMOD sometimes from the webhost control panel (online filemanager) – or you can do it from a FTP client program. Again, you should contact the webhost support

    ErikThorsen Friend

    Sometimes this is also an ownership problem. In other words, after uploading a template, ownership might be set to nobody/yourusername. Or even nobody/nobody.

    Which in any case isn’t good. You need to talk with your webhost to fix this. It has nothing at all to do with the template. But I do understand your frustration. First time for me I am sure I spent 2 hours trying to figure it out and contacting my host and 20 seconds later it was fixed.. 🙂

    solsikkehaven Friend

    I have a webhost where I can recursively change both CHMOD and CHOWN (file rights, ownership) on a folder (and all files below it recursively) … very nice.

    On another webhost that I have there’s NO problems even with FTP upload, it surely has a lot to do with how the webhost has setup their servers.

    zandercent Friend

    any ideas why this only affects ja files (eg, ja_header & ja_xenia)?

    thanks for the help,by the way

    solsikkehaven Friend

    I would imagine that any new template that you upload the same way, will have same problems.

    lafrance Friend

    <em>@solsikkehaven 6880 wrote:</em><blockquote>zandercent . This is not a template issue, but a file rights issue (CHMOD issue) on your webserver / webhosting service. For information on how to correct this, please contact your webhost support.

    You can change CHMOD sometimes from the webhost control panel (online filemanager) – or you can do it from a FTP client program. Again, you should contact the webhost support</blockquote>
    I think the issue is apache own the files same as it own the configuration ftp or ssh would not work to change to 755 or 777 chown -R is the command if I remember right

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