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  • waltera Friend

    The JA Xenia template looks great but having installed it, the problem just stacked up one after the other:
    – In IE 6, the menu I use on the left side, is showing beneath the fold. Is fine in IE 7 eand FF 2.
    – The Ja News module just wont show although parameters have been set accoring to Joomlart user manual.
    – Flash version of Ja Header will not function.
    – When using the Javascript version, a whole folder with pictures has to be loaded per page. Takes too long.

    shirdi Friend


    When setting the columns to ‘0’ in the ja-news module config, the following error occurs:
    Warning: Division by zero in ……………./modules/mod_janews.php on line 146

    The other thing that happens with this is that 2 items still appear but css issues and the scroll script fails with a code 0 failure on char 2 permission denied.


    ygirod Friend

    I just cannot understand that you sell templates and then ask for the consumers to read Forums for getting corrections of so many bugs.

    I have no time to spent in Forums and this is why I subscribed to your “Templates Club”.

    I’m very disappointed.


    ErikThorsen Friend

    Ygirod, have you installed this template on a EMPTY Joomla installations and followed the user guidelines? Because if you have done this and the template doesn’t work I totally understand your complaints. If you haven’t tried this but are trying to apply this template to an already existing site, with different components installed, modules, flash slide shows, galleries or anything else, then THESE are the ones creating the problem, as there aren’t any faults/errors with the template (well, hardly any faults anymore ) There were a few bugs in the first release but I haven’t found any other errors after installing the template on a fresh joomla installation.

    Unfortunately it is IMPOSSIBLE to make sure the template will work with all and any modules, components and so on that are created. Most likely errors and problems are due to faulty code or incompatibility with such components/modules.

    I do really understand your frustration and I have been experiencing the same problems with sites I needed to install the template on myself but it is very difficult to create something that can actually work with anything. People are doing their best to help out and it is not always too easy to find a solution and thus searching forums and looking for the solution in different forums might be a very good solution indeed.

    I hope you can figure out your problems and please report bugs to the admins. The more we find and sort out, the better help for the community. We all try our best to make this one of the best communities as well as the finest place for templates. 🙂

    nkitson Friend

    <em>@ErikThorsen 7065 wrote:</em><blockquote>
    Ygirod, have you installed this template on a EMPTY Joomla installation…….

    …..but I haven’t found any other errors after installing the template on a fresh joomla installation…..

    Unfortunately it is IMPOSSIBLE to make sure the template will work with all and any modules, components and so on that are created. Most likely errors and problems are due to faulty code or incompatibility with such components/modules.

    …. please report bugs to the admins. The more we find and sort out, the better help for the community. We all try our best to make this one of the best communities as well as the finest place for templates. :-)</blockquote>
    Erik, yes there are clearly incompatibilities between Joomlart templates and various components/modules but why do you think that the ‘fault’ is always with the component/module? If a component is well established (ie has many users) and works with templates from other sources, including those supplied with Joomla, then I suggest the incompatibility is with Joomlart.

    I recognise and appreciate that Joomlart are creating sophisticated templates that look very good – that is why I joined in the first place – but if they are selling templates that they only expect to work on a clean installation then I would have like to have been told upfront.

    Personally I would like the coding people within Joomlart to take a break from pushing out new features twice a month and spend some time on compatibility testing and bug fixing because, despite your assertions, there are bugs within Joomlart templates (see below). At the same time, the artistic people could create a new look (graphics & colours) for an existing template which would allow Joomlart to continue to release 2 templates a month (which is presumably considered desirable for marketing reasons)

    Template errors on a fresh Joomla installation? I’ve reported two several times and never had a reply, let alone a fix. For example, every recent template has ‘Blockquote’ – the ability to create large quote charas. The opening quote works but the closing quote does not. (There isn’t even the graphic for the closing quote in the installation files) A trivial bug that would be easy to fix but Joomlart JUST DON’T LISTEN.

    I hope Joomlart respond to this but if this post is too low down a thread and doesn’t get replied to by Joomlart, I will post it in the general area as a new thread.

    By the way Erik, looking at your last paragraph and your similarly very supportive replies to other posts, do you have an employment or other commercial relationship with Joomlart?

    demarilla Friend

    Hi all
    <em>@ErikThorsen 7065 wrote:</em><blockquote>The more we find and sort out, the better help for the community.</blockquote>
    I cannot agree. First of all, we are paying customers, not simply members of a community.
    I think that a company that aim to be market leader cannot delegate the greatest part of problem solving to a group of volunteers.
    Not just amazing templates can switch a company to a great company.

    <em>@nkitson 7067 wrote:</em><blockquote>JUST DON’T LISTEN.</blockquote>
    This is absolutely true, I think that JA is requesting to the guys an effort greater than their force.
    Instead to releasing 2 templates per month, we should appreciate a best customers support. Very often they simply don’t reply to forum requests.

    They are very precise when count down the days, hours, minutes and seconds left to the release of a new template, but they forget that paying customers often counts the seconds between their support request and a JA answer!

    Home Page of JA say “Join now with over 5794 satisfied members“. I don’t really think they are all “satisfied” about support. I’m not.


    kaj Friend

    I join the voices of nkitson and dmarilla – I couldn’t have said it better myself.

    I have spent approx 60 hours this week-end trying to solve the Xenia problems, reading the forums, testing the different ideas, install and modify a new, fresh site etc but all in vain. I give up!

    I totally agree with nkitson and dmarilla that it’s better to deliver quality than quantity.

    I doubt that I will renew my account when it expires.

    ErikThorsen Friend


    No, I have no interest in Joomlart other than totally, 100% enjoying their templates.

    As for service. I think that Joomlart should and could be better here. I also think that they should put more restrictions as to what type of questions you can ask here if we should follow your ideas.

    – If people here ONLY can report bugs and problems with their templates, I am sure that the Joomlart team would have lots of more time to fix issues. However, the downside of this would be for people wanting to do changes, learn more, get fixes ( beyond the Joomlart company obligations )

    I see about 80% of questions here is similar to:

    – How can I change the header
    – How can I change colour
    – I cannot remove the Joomla license in the footer. How to do this
    – How can I create a module

    All of these questions have nothing to do with Joomlart templates. These are all more or less Joomla related. If you don’t have any kind of experience with Joomla, then you can’t expect Joomlart to “create” the entire site for you, am I right.

    I would once again like to express that I do agree with you that the Joomlart support isn’t good enough but also, this is because ( I believe ) that too many people are complaining and asking questions which have no relevance to the templates.

    Personally I like the idea that we all can help each other here but maybe others don’t agree on this.

    As for the blockquote, it takes about 2.4 seconds to open this in Photoshop and “flip” it and save it as a new image. That way you would have the end quote image. I haven’t “investigated” in what the problem with “blockquote” is and I don’t know if this is related to all templates or a specific one. Of course, this blockquote image should have been provided if it isn’t there.

    For the price of these templates and for the outstanding quality of work they deliver I say that even if you wouldn’t receive a single reply to any questions, you would still have a good deal. That is my opinion. I also use services from outsourcing programmers for anything I can’t do myself. This usually costs from 5-30 USD and normally fixes all issues like “blockquote” not working and so on. I know you are going to say that “you already paid for a working template” and I agree but for me, personally, it is sometimes easier to find help and solutions in a quick and fast way, no matter if it is Joomlart templates or anything else webrelated. This again is my personal experience and feelings and I know that some of you doesn’t agree.

    I hope that Joomlart team will be able to provide better service and I SURELY hope they will BAN people from asking trivial questions which is not related to bugs in the template or future requests. As I belive that is what is taking away the possible service and support.

    I am sure we could have reduced number of questions here with about 50% if people only read the user guidelines and if people had been using Joomla for more than 5 minutes. My personal opinion again, just a bit tired of people complaining about all sorts of stuff.

    kay, nkitson and demarilla, you guys have probably “legit” questions and I am sorry I can’t answer them for you. I can only hope the Joomlart team will find the time to help you.

    This message turned out to be far longer and with more personal feelings than I should have added but I just don’t agree with some of the complaints. But I do agree with others. So basically, some people are right in their complaints, others are just clueless I think.

    Have a great week everyone!

    No matter what other think, Joomla was created for the community and I always believe that a community can help out, even on a commercial site like this. Not obligated to help out but I enjoy helping people so I do that whenever I can.

    swemmel Friend

    Amen :laugh:

    But you are right. I agree with you that most of the questions is more Joomla-related then Template-related.

    Joomlart templates are really great and you get a lot of value for your money.


    shirdi Friend

    I thought this was a bug report thread?

    Please can someone put the support related items into the support thread as they are all valid concerns, however this thread should be for bug reports and the answers to those bug reports with bug fixes.

    Any feedback on the divide by zero error? Is it fixed in Xenia II?


    davidwo Friend

    FYI, the header module running in javascript mode causes conflicts with Multithumb’s code. Multithumb can be configured to launch a picture into lighbox. 1st image works fine, second image loaded hangs and browser throws a function close error.

    Khanh Le Moderator

    Hi all,
    We are working to update JA News module. We will release the update version in 1 or 2 days.

    Thank you very much for reporting bugs.

    SenMel Friend

    <em>@Ha Le-Viet 6525 wrote:</em><blockquote>JoomlArt: JA Xenia – User’s Guide

    7. JA News Module

    JA Xenia have just set a new style of displaying your content in the frontpage with JA News Module. To make your front page looks like the demo, please download and then install JA News Module following these instructions:

    Go to your Administration Panel, Site -> Template Manager -> Module Positions

    * Add a module position named ja-news and click the button Save
    * Go to Installers -> Install Module then install JA News Module.
    * Go to Modules -> Site Modules and then select JA News module
    * Set the basic configuration of JA News module like this image (notice the module position: ja-news, show title: off)

    JA News Configuration
    JA News module consists two part as you see in the Demo. The first part of the module is JA Ajax Headline, which shows the latest frontpage news items in a rollover box. The second part is the other news classified by your categories. Here’s the full description of JA News module’s parameters.
    Headline part:
    Module Class Suffix: Please set “-janews” as the module class suffix of the module.
    Show Headline: Determine whether the headline was showed.
    Headline text: Title of the headline if showed.
    Number of headline news: Number of items in the rollover box. These items is your latest frontpage items.
    Auto Roll: Set the rolling state for first time user.
    Rolling delay time: Delay time of the roll between two items in rollover box (in seconds).

    Other news part:
    Category ID: Categories that your news items will be selected from, separated by commas. Leave it blank means all categories will be selected.
    Link Items: Number of other items listed in each category.
    Max Chars: Limit the number of characters in the showing item of each category.
    Image Width: Fixed width of the image of news item.
    Image Height: Fixed height of the image of news item.
    Columns: Number of columns division.
    Show Intro: Determine whether the intro text was showed.
    Show Image: Determine whether the image was showed.
    Hint: To know what id is your category, go to Content -> Category Manager and look at the Category ID column.

    How can I create the news rotation module as in demo with title “JA Headline Modules – Ajaxed, many settings!”
    Although I have installed mod_janews_for_xenia and made necessary changes to the module as described in the user guide it is not AJAXED.

    shirdi Friend


    Ok I have tested this on two different hosts and with 3 different options, clean install no other modules than the Joomla defaults, ranging through to a site with 20+ modules using the latest ja-news module.

    When the intro in the parameters is set to yes certain articles make all the left modules end up in the right module column which pushes the right modules into the body section, which I thought was the catid being greater than 9 or 2 digits.

    Actually there is an issue with the intro. When you turn this off it all comes good.

    Please can you look into this and let me know what is required in the intro text so that this doesn’t occur.


    ha le-viet Developer

    Hi shirdi,

    I’ve re-checked the code and see nothing wrong with it. I have also retested your case but I didn’t see what you mentioned. Are you sure that you updated the module?

    P/S: The unicode problem is nearly done and will be released soon.. I’m searching for an alternative solution for those using PHP prior to 4.3.0.

    Ha Le-Viet.

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