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    Hi lanvan

    I need some help!!!!! I need to have thumbnails on slideshow become active to redirect to another URL? Is this possible?
    Current this module does not support your idea. I am sorry for not being of much help in the case.

    radesignprint Friend

    hi guys
    currently there is 4 images slide shows right? what if you want to reduce? i have these codes in ‘description parameters’ :

    <h3>For Answer Review </h3>
    <p>Maecenas nibh congue justo est adipiscing elit mauris orci lacus dui. Nibh justo elit nunc Pellentesque malesuada leo nascetur faucibus malesuada semper.</p>

    <h3>EndWar Exclusive Theater of War Hands-On </h3>
    <p>Pretium justo eu nisl orci Suspendisse Curabitur eleifend pretium Nam tincidunt.</p>

    but still in slide show it has 4 images, but only the first two with text?

    what if i only want 2 or 3 images with text in slide show?

    please help here. thanks

Viewing 2 posts - 46 through 47 (of 47 total)

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