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    <em>@JA Developer 120427 wrote:</em><blockquote>Hi,

    For this case, please open modulesmod_jaslideshowja_slideshowja.slideshow.js file, search following code:

    location.href = this.url;

    and change to: (this.url,"");

    Hope it helps.</blockquote>

    I did this but my images still aren’t linking to the url I set in the description:

    The first one just reloads my homepage, which isnt google… and the second doesn’t work at all…

    Anonymous Moderator

    Hi checkmate40,

    Could you please send me your live url via PM?

    Anonymous Moderator

    Hi checkmate40,

    I checked your website and saw that this issue is from your configuration.
    Current the system could not get urls from your configuration. Maybe this issue is from your image name. It is not correct.

    If possbile, please send me your admin account, i want to check your configuration for more detail

    clrmedia Friend

    <img src=””>

    This is an example of my links.

    Anonymous Moderator

    Hi checkmate40,

    Please open modulesmod_jaslideshowmod_jaslideshow.php file, at about line 92, find following code:

    [PHP]$descriptionArray[$img] = array(‘url’=>$url, ‘thumb’=>$thumb,’caption’=>str_replace(array(“n”, “r”),array(“<br />”, “”),trim($match[2])));

    $descriptionArray[$img] = array(‘thumb’=>$url,’caption’=>str_replace(“n”,”<br />”,trim($match[2])));[/PHP]

    and change to:

    [PHP]$descriptionArray[$img] = array(‘url’=>$url, ‘thumb’=>$thumb,’caption’=>str_replace(array(“n”, “r”),array(“<br />”, “”),trim($match[2])));

    //$descriptionArray[$img] = array(‘thumb’=>$url,’caption’=>str_replace(“n”,”<br />”,trim($match[2])));[/PHP]

    Hope it helps.

    checkmate40 Friend

    Well my first image now works… but the 2nd one doesn’t…

    Also on a sub site that I’m building using the same template that change has already been made but the slideshow links still do not work.

    Anonymous Moderator

    Hi checkmate40,

    current this link is working fine.
    Your issue is from the div description. It is over the image. It is cause you can not click on image.

    For this case, you can need to change the width of div description.
    To do this, please open templates/ja_zinc/css/ja.slideshow.css file , at about line 104, find following code:

    .ja-slideshowdesc {
    padding:10px 0;

    Here you can decrement the width attribute to your requirement

    checkmate40 Friend

    Yea I figured that out and PM’ed you as soon as I did. Still having the link issue on the other sub site… I PM’ed you the url and the username and password.

    Anonymous Moderator

    <em>@lanvan 122833 wrote:</em><blockquote>yes i need to have thumb nails active to links</blockquote>

    you can send me your live url, admin account via PM or submit a ticket.

    I want to check your modification so that i could have look on the issue

    soviet Friend

    For anyone that is having an issue, I will upload my slideshow file that works perfectly for all slides (after I did some modifications). I will do this later today, so stay tuned

    soviet Friend

    This is the mod_slideshow.php file. I edited this a while back and i got everything to work.

    Please thank me if this helps you out!

    dawidt Friend


    Aynone got those fixed files for Ja_Ruby or ja_slideshow2? I need to fix problem with open links in new window. Thanks in advance.


    Anonymous Moderator

    Hi dawidt,

    please check the link to solve your issue

    acasagrande Friend

    I have tried to read and edit as per your advice on this thread but I still can’t get the click on the image to a URL to work at all.

    Site is

    Thanks so much in anticipation.

    acasagrande Friend

    Thanks – I finally got it working using the simple code in the description parameters that you told us in this thread:

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