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    Hi James,

    Then what would you suggest??? It’s 14th September and last template was released in July!!!!!

    I think JA Admin is the answer for non-dev members and a 50% discount code for dev members for their renewal.

    I am peed off that we’re 2 months behind when JA Pokemon could have been repurposed quite easily for a general gaming template. All they have to do was change the Pokedex to a game review block and it’s done!

    James G Friend

    I am also very frustrated with JoomlArt, i have posted multiple things which could help them and have also emailed across my thoughts. However here we are once again with delayed templates that i have paid a yearly subscription for.

    However to be honest if you are not a paid member i do not see why you should get anything for free?

    Its the developers that are being unfairly treated as we pay for monthly templates and we are not getting them delivered.

    gringo211985 Friend

    Hi James,

    I’m paying for Templates Club, where I am supposed to receive 12 templates a year. I do not need their extensions hence why I didn’t pay for dev membership.

    Totally agree that we are missing templates and it’s unfair to all template club members as well as devs.

    I personally think an extension of membership would be the best way to solve this, give everyone +4 months to their subscription. This way we hopefully will get the extra templates missing from this year.

    I also think we are going to miss October because JA Resturant was not long ago released and I see nothing in the blog or forum, so yet again we are being let down.

    I’m actually considering asking for a partial refund, membership cost / 12 * no. of missing templates from year.

    suprehn Friend

    Couldn’t agree more. I did give JA a try again, for three month, and right now it seems like im gonna get ONE template during this three months.

    suprehn Friend

    Can we get an answer for someone at Joomlart. When will the next template come, what theme will it be, and will we get any compensation for the missing templates?

    amyjohncse Friend

    upcoming deals or promotions and a blog, I like Uber, it is not for everyone. Many still prefer the traditional template using the core features of Joomla

Viewing 6 posts - 61 through 66 (of 66 total)

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