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  • eandy Friend

    Ecommerce template – Hika

    romolo Friend

    Thanks for listening to our feedback.

    We would love an Uber upgrade with new ACM features, styles and layouts and a revamp of the T3 framework – PLEASE!


    zove4877 Friend

    Uber upgrade with major ACM features

    mahmoud ali Friend

    free component

    buiak Friend

    I’m thinking to propose for development a site for a city community, 3rd party apps from jomsocial and techjoomla . It will be something new in portfolio !

    ssnobben Friend

    _"The reason no one like JA Pokemon was because it was limited to 1 single use, pokemon! If it was a gaming template in general and your demo looked like Pokemon = fine, people will repurpose it."


    I agree about this and its a pity you cancel this template i f it could be used in a similar way for gaming templates, augmented reality usage with mobile etc.

    Now days in the Joomla world the templates doesnt include many or any new innovations & design since long time like ie 2007-2011 when Joomla stuck out from WordPress and now its opposite. The template design is the same structure. WordPress templates are today in general better looking than Joomla with nicer design, functions and with great looking fonts upfront. I wish that Joomla developers could rethink really how mobile, webb and design fits together better with new technology, logic, KISS principles and better UX.

    I think also, as people here suggest like HikaShop and others, that you partner up with many of the other Joomla developers that have larger Joomla components for e-commerce, listing directories, Profile management systems like EasySocial, blogging EasyBlog etc and try to copy much of the design & function with them from leading providers like Facebook, Blogger, Instagram etc etc. People use them and are used to them so it would be good if Joomla and template developers copy many of their features as basic and on top of the cake make something else stand out that are unique.

    vecdom Friend

    Has the decision been made at this time?

    And is there an ETA for the design chosen?

    Thanks for the hard work guys. It’s appreciated!

    splico123 Friend

    we all want to make changes and this needs to be as easy as possible! Using a system like Gantry where it’s drag n drop wher

    T3 is only thing we really need to be upgraded, nobody really cares about templates that much, we need scalable, easy bolt on framework where you can create all those styles like ACM and UBER template has, on the fly…

    Like he mentioned, styles can be add-ons, paid/free i really dont care… but to speed up T3 would be a major improvement that everyone would welcome. ATM T3-framework is one of the slowest ones out there…

    need to get rid of dozens of css files being just loaded by default, even without any template you have css styles loaded… ye you can overwrite them but still you have js/css loaded… not on demand but mostly all the time.

    What we really need is framework that is built for SPEED and ease of use/upgrade/maintenance.

    AND very very important would be to get RID OFF LESS…. its slow, sluggish and just plain OLD.

    TO tell you the truth i would even love to skip a month or two of templates to get the new framework out there…

    Just my two cents.

    abdul Friend

    Download Management or Document Management Template. It was never done

    Aratype Friend

    This really an excellent idea as a further development for JA Intranet!

    rikaryo Friend

    Ta at the time of JA present a new template for portals. The experience with the last Teline was not good.

    Rikáryo Mourão
    CEO - HeróiNerd - Inventtive

    imurillo Friend

    Good job, but i think is intersting work in politics, government and mayor , right now there is not options templates to this topics. In your templates, the logo is always a big problem for me. it could be more options for configuration by the user.

    James G Friend

    Please do a tradesmen template. It can cover multiple sectors:

    Building / construction


    Really easy template to do which can be very useful for developers.

    It would only need a few pages.

    Homepage with a nice slideshow.
    About us page with details about the company
    Services page so they can show what they offer, perhaps using icons or pictures.
    Portfolio / projects – Either a gallery showing images or be able to add each project thats been completed with a date, location, cost, and multiple images per project.
    Contact – form for contacting or infact a quote page.

    Simple project which would benefit many smaller businesses who cant afford to be paying high fees for a custom built website.

    gringo211985 Friend

    Hi Arvind,

    So I guess we get nothing for the month of August then…

    How about we get free JA Admin or something, seeing how we are paying for a template every month and this is not the first time we have had no template in one month.

    I fully understand that to create a Vik restaurant template from scratch will take you longer and you will not be able to release template, but I do believe that we as paying customers should receive something in exchange. This could be a paid for module such as JA Google Analytics or a premium template such as JA Admin. It’s unfair to us only getting 11 templates in a year when we pay you to create and ship 12.

    If you as a JA paying subscriber agree then please "thanks" this post to show your support.

    I think you should also have a vote to see what we want as our compensatory gift.


    James G Friend

    Making JA Admin free is not the answer.

    Since i am developer member and i get it free anyway.

    JA have really been shooting themselves in the foot recently.

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