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    One of the main reason to go for JA Pokemon template was user requests and we try our best to listen to member’s requests. The reason we release preview (which I presume no one else does) is to gain feedback from the userbase, the feedback is clear and we are going to respect it.

    JA Pokemon template status

    JA Pokemon template is dead but yes, we may get back to concept by adapting it for review template, news or gaming template, if users are going to ask for it.

    Options available for August :

    • Restaurant template – with focus on small restaurant business owners.
    • Ecommerce template – featuring atleast 2 of popular (one each of commercial & free cart * extension) with special filter options.
    • Free ecommerce template featuring J2store (this has been developed by j2store guys)

    Help us plot the roadmap :

    We have created a new poll on the forum to plan for releases for the next few months. Vote and provide feedback (scroll down).

    Poll : Templates that you want us to develop

    • Small Biz (dentist/ hairdresser / other service providers) Template (41%, 148 Votes)
    • Corporate / Company Template (35%, 127 Votes)
    • E-commerce Template (do mention preferred extension in replies) (28%, 102 Votes)
    • News Template (28%, 101 Votes)
    • School / University (19%, 69 Votes)
    • Social / Networking Template (17%, 63 Votes)
    • Personal / Blog Template (14%, 52 Votes)

    Total Voters: 365

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    gehonline Developer

    thank you, good reaction! Respect.

    GTR Webdesign Friend

    I thought that the Uber upgrade was nr. 1 in the last poll also!
    Please listen to your subscribers … Uber is one of the templates I use the most for my clients websites.

    santulino Friend

    Ecommerce template – virtuemart

    Phill Moderator

    While I like Uber, it is not for everyone. Many still prefer the traditional template using the core features of Joomla

    aardcom Friend

    How about a review site. Could be for restaurants, hotels, vacation destinations, contractors, or many other uses. Something that can show listings, locations, descriptions, contact info, customer reviews, upcoming deals or promotions and a blog. Just a thought… could be a uber theme if not a stand alone template.

    Honestly all of the above selection options are already out there. Uber updates are a given considering its been a while since anything new on it. Update T3 is not a template option, it is development and should be ongoing. You need some new ideas, not redoing what we have.

    I am not trying to be critical but this is a template club first and foremost as a JATC member. We are supposed to get a template release every month. Updates to old templates are needed, but should not be in place of new templates. If JA is having trouble updating their templates just imagine what we are going thru after modifying the templates.

    Maybe you could release a few templates without T3 as a start. It’s great for some but not needed for all. In some cases it adds another layer of coding that makes the sites heavy and slower. It’s supposed to get simpler, not more complicated. Of course there are always exceptions….

    iaweb Friend

    While I like Uber, it is not for everyone. Many still prefer the traditional template using the core features of Joomla

    Couldn’t agree with you more… and thanks for cancelling the Poke… stuff…

    moonhawk Friend

    Ecommerce template – Hikashop

    gringo211985 Friend

    Hi Arvind,

    Good idea to cancel and put a voting system in place.

    Remember – After upgrading Uber you will need to update the demo site at

    You NEED to make sure that we can see on the demo site above ALL OF THE NEW CHANGES otherwise people will complain!

    RE: JA Pokemon = Yes rework it into gaming template and will be fine, the pokedex could make a good review section if we could fill out custom details like graphics, gameplay, etc.

    The reason no one like JA Pokemon was because it was limited to 1 single use, pokemon! If it was a gaming template in general and your demo looked like Pokemon = fine, people will repurpose it.

    As the results are in you guys need to stop making templates and just have Uber like what your paying customers want!. Then work on new ACM features every single month along with new layouts/module positions! This is what people want, we are all capable of adapting Uber to our needs, but we want more of it! Gantry 5 offers way more blocks / elements like what ACM does, so you should follow suit, make a drag n drop page builder and then create new ACM blocks, then you will have VERY HAPPY CUSTOMERS! 🙂

    Here’s my requests for ACM + Uber

    • Menu type = FontAwesome icons for right-menu position and custom drop down modules (so user selects module to display in dropdown and choose FA icon to display in menu) (similar to search on JA playmag)
    • Menu type = Vertical Sidebar (will need page layout also)
    • Slideshow = New slideshows, perhaps using nice transition effects
    • Video blocks = New video blocks
    • Testimonial = New testimonial blocks
    • Update from all templates = Include all previous ACM blocks that are not found in Uber currently (this means all of the ACM blocks that have been designed for standalone templates need to be added, as we are missing loads already!)
    rsearle Friend

    Count me in for:

    • More Uber + ACM: this could be a decent alternative to Zoo or maybe K2, and it’s a good approach to generic sites for common vertical business segments
    • Current VirtueMart template, particularly with customisation for VM



    acmaurer Friend

    Ecommerce template – Zencart

    pittigeteksten Friend

    I’d like a mobile friendly tourism template some time.

    milkster Friend

    Sports template please with Standings, Schedule, Upcoming games, etc

    suzanna Friend

    Can we vote on making ACM a standalone extension that can be made available in any template? Something like widgetkit but much better, of course.

    jan007 Friend

    Good job!

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