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  • gstaudi Friend

    I’d like to have in T3 accessibility tools for people with disabilities.

    Grzegorz Laski Friend

    Sport template please 🙂
    With nice, responsive typography for schedules, squad and ranking.
    Or Can you create nice component for managing football teams


    splico123 Friend

    All this is well, but i still think T3 plugin needs rework, upgrade or whatever you feel like calling it… since its starting to lag behind in performance and features compared to other frameworks… so i would really suggest doing this soon.

    gbelli Friend

    Virtuemart eCommerce site for a wholesale operation where a client can purchase in bulk for their stores. For example, a t shirt wholesale site where a user can put many sizes at once in cart and not have to put one size in the cart at a time. Template would have section to feature upcoming trade shows with reservation / appointments, video section to feature catwalks and other new products showings. It would be cool to integrate with new Facebook Live to see live events of at trade shows by site owners.

    gringo211985 Friend

    Hi Splico 123,

    I totally agree, T3 and JA Templates are bloated and heavy on system resources and lacks features that even 3rd party single men teams are offering. We NEED a new lightweight JA drag n drop builder with downloadable/extendable styles, layouts, ACM blocks!

    I would suggest 2 things for t4 plugin

    1. Make Uber + ACM the core template like hydrogen in Gantry, then we create our own layouts and add ACM, just like Gantry where it’s drag n drop etc. Standalone templates are pointless at this point with so many template builder software’s being available 90+% of people are creating their own using things like Gantry, PBCCK etc.

    2. Make all styles, ACM blocks, layout files etc as downloadable add-ons (t3 is too heavy and has lots of redundant files in every single install I have ever done, I would prefer to just download/add-on the styles, layouts and ACM blocks that I am actually going to use on my site) (ps – this will speed sites up a tiny bit also)

    These 2 things are just the foundation, but I believe at this point JA need to be making a template builder and not templates, we all want to make changes and this needs to be as easy as possible! Using a system like Gantry where it’s drag n drop where their "particles" are replaced with JA’s "ACM".

    This is something that I have mentioned numerous times before and I really hope JA start to take notice because they will end up being long forgotten about if they carry on down the road they are on!

    Arvind, you have me on Skype and if you would like any input, ideas etc please get hold of me there and I’m happy to give you some ideas to float around the office.


    propolis Friend

    Sports template please with Standings, Schedule, Upcoming games, etc

    For me, its got to be responsive.

    A sporting site, like sailing

    Multi countries and marketplace / ads intergration add ons

    Also, as per the last Joomla updates stating security issues and need to upgrade, the current templates we use need to be updated asap.

    The more templates being produced, the bigger the work is going to be to keep them updated in-line with Joomla releases


    urmonmax Friend


    felix1 Friend

    We where many people who wrote in your January forum post, that we wanted a sport/football/soccer club template.

    And if this isn’t possible, maybe an extension to manage a sports/soccer club.

    Requested functionalities:

    Last result
    Statistics (goals, yellow cards, penalty etc)
    Upcoming game
    Countdown to next game
    Calender/event table
    Fixtures and results
    League table
    Club statistics
    Appearances and goals
    Players and staff
    Sponsors of match day
    Sponsor ads rotator
    Match news
    Video/Photo gallery
    Member/fan club/forum area
    Document library
    Club history
    Contact page for board members
    Contact page for staff
    Tickets match/season
    Souvenirs Shop

    Felix Rimfrost

    nsca Friend

    Uber and Ecommerce: Virtuemart.

    Can we vote on making ACM a standalone extension that can be made available in any template? Something like widgetkit but much better, of course.

    Good idea.

    realef Friend

    I’m still waiting for "JA TRAVEL" template update… why not?

    flock Friend

    This fever Pokemon the template was very good but it is very specific.

    vecdom Friend

    Review sites is an excellent idea!

    I don’t think a single club ever made a template for JReviews. It’s paid component but it’s great and I’m sure it would get great feedback.

    K2 is another component I’d recommend.

    Simple & clean design, light and super fast – that would be great.

    I’d buy this even if it was outside of the club offering.

    Wadson Fernandes Friend

    I would suggest the creation of more focused templates for individual theater groups, music (bands) or a portal that brings together several groups of theater or music (as a catalog)
    You have done great works.

    brenot Friend

    Thanks for this reaction… I think that the focus should be always improve UBER and JA ACM, using that for create new templates.. Like the Restaurant…

    Thanks again

    TomC Moderator

    Suitable for ANY sport/team type use, with the following features:

    • Main Page Slideshow/Video Showcase (similar to JA Muzic)
    • TEAM ROSTER PAGE – with corresponding individual Team Member Profile/Bio Stats Pages
    • PLAYER SHOWCASE PANEL/PAGE – To showcase one (or several) players (e.g. Player(s) of the Month) – similar to "Album Showcase" panel on JA Muzic Homepage
    • TEAM STORE – for offering/selling Tickets and team related merchandise (VirtueMart)
    • RESULTS PAGE – for showcasing latest game/contest results (with archive for past/historical results)
    • UPCOMING EVENTS PAGE – for listing upcoming/future games/events
    • MEDIA PAGE – for showcasing videos, photos (gallery)
    • SOCIAL MEDIA INTEGRATION – for connecting with Facebook/Twitter feeds and fan comments
    • NEWS/HEADLINE module/plugin (similar to JA Muzic)

    As well as some of the additional suggestions raised in a previous posting above . . .

    • Countdown to next Event
    • Calender/Event Table
    • Sponsor Ads Rotator
    • Sponsor Page(s)
    • Newsletter
    • Video/Photo Gallery
    • Member/Fan Club/Forum Area
    • About Us/Team History

    Along with all of the usual and customary JoomlArt template pages (i.e. Contact, Login/Register, etc.)

    enter image description here

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