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    JA Mood download now available, check out more details at:

    Hi guys,

    JA Mood Template – A stunning social Joomla template preview is here. The template fully support JomSocial and EasySocial components, it also integrates our featured product – JA Builder to help you create stunning landing pages. JA Mood includes stunning pre-made additional pages: Video, News, Blog and supports all default Joomla pages.

    Core features of the Social Joomla template:

    • Support JomSocial and EasySocial
    • Integrate JA Builder to build stunning landing pages
    • Stunning additional pages: Videos, News, etc
    • Supports Flexible menu system with Megamenu, Mobile dropdown menu and Off-canvas
    • Built on T3 Framework latest version
    • Integrated Bootstrap 3, Font Awesome 4
    • Fully responsive
    • Flexible layout system with visual layout configuration panel
    • All default Joomla pages with custom styles
    • Optimized codebase
    • RTL Language Layout

    Sneak Peek 1: Home page

    View the higher resolution Here

    Sneak Peek 2: Social Login Page

    View the higher resolution Here

    Sneak Peek 3: Video Page

    View the higher resolution Here

    Sneak Peek 4: JomSocial Page

    View the higher resolution Here

    Sneak Peek 5: EasySocial Page

    View the higher resolution Here

    That’s it. Let us know what you think about this preview.

    Phill Moderator

    Looks very interesting. I am looking forward to seeing this in the flesh.

    vmiki Friend

    Looks amazing, I’m just looking for a template to start a social site. Great! πŸ™‚

    tom_laan84 Friend

    nice. only video’s are not square! please keep to a 16:9 aspect ratio when designing the template.

    bins Friend

    How would this look using CB?

    pittigeteksten Friend

    A straight forward template without any surprises. Is Joomlart running out of creativity? Apart from some color variations, recent Joomlart templates start looking the same…. Friend

    looks good ! maybe this template will integrate too the Music Collection from joomlathat. it will put more value on future implementantions.


    slepoy Friend

    nice. only video’s are not square! please keep to a 16:9 aspect ratio when designing the template.

    I agree.

    Also I hope that "Stunning Videos page" it’s a JomSocial/EasySocial video gallery page πŸ™‚ Or it’s an Joomla articles??? πŸ™ Community component allready has video gallery. Why not to use it?

    How does "Top Charts", "New Releases", "Videos" etc works? If it’s joomla articles, seems this teplate only for music commuty?

    P.s: can you please post single video page screenshot. If it’s not jomsocial videos, do you have idea, how to use it on non music website? Please reply. Thanks.

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    • This reply was modified 2 years, 9 months ago by  slepoy.
    unigene Friend

    Cool but I don’t see any Kunena integration. Did you omit this?

    rwlfr Friend

    Wow ! It looks wonderful !! As I’m running a musical website with Jomsocial included, I’m very interested by this one !! I can’t wait !!!
    Is there any News section ? (with the content component ) ?
    When do you plan to release it ?

    kmgdesign Friend

    the videos, coming in a overlay or at an new page?
    if they coming in new page its boring.

    try to present it in an overlay, please .
    or give this as option too.

    aardcom Friend

    How is this different than Social II. Looks very similar if not the same. Again this still is not out and June is almost over so we are way behind again on template releases.

    While I understand you need to work on template updates, they should not take away from the new releases.

    Considering how this has been going for the past couple years, we should be further ahead. JATC membership is for 12 templates a year. Of course we expect them to be updates for new versions. We have had 24 released in the past 24 months and you still have not updated all templates to 3.7 The builder is fine but is does not work with existing templates without a lot of reconfiguring. It’s a separate product not a addon. Template releases appear to be very similar to previous releases. Nothing really new, with a few exceptions. Upgrades to new versions of Joomla, need to be done in a reasonable timeframe, especially when they involve security issues. Two to 3 months is not a reasonable timeframe when it puts a site at risk of exploits.

    I’ll keep watching and if I see things change I may be back. But there is a lot of competition out there that are putting out unique templates and added features that Joomlart used to excell at creating. No more excuses.


    daspoon Friend

    I like it! What day will it be available?

    creativeint Friend

    I agree the video should be 16:9 not square or the thumbnails will be meaningless. I assume the videos open in lightbox rather than going to a separate page – going to a separate page tends to be an exit point, they have to click back then scroll through for the next video and people will usually just get bored & click out. Alternate open the player at the top of the screen, a classic solution.
    Does this work with jasocialfeed?
    Consider adding an article page along the lines of Teline, where you have a feature article, x number of recent articles in columns under and a sidebar with thumbnail links to X more, then a link to click to see all from the category or tag. This reflects that a common use for such a template is a community based around a subject, community group or political party where news & information is an important element.

    I am looking forward to the template. I am trying to build a product around these social sites as people desert facebook, I do think it is a growing market. Having options on template is nice.

    vecdom Friend

    I like the homepage that includes good & versatile styling of the nav with CTA.

    Also, header with Video and CTA / Form + great for business sites – thats a JA first if I am not mistaken – good stuff.

    Would be nice if you included styling for RS Form or AcyMailing in that placeholder.

    Maybe k2 for content management?


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