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  • adamapg Friend

    Looks great can’t wait for this template just about to start a new site with easysocial so this might be just what I’m after. Can you PLEASE PLEASE make the blog page with Joomla articles look nice like your news sites. Trying to find a template that looks good with easysocial and has a nice looking blog page is nearly impossible to find. Please do t skimp on this template.

    Any packages coming soon with templates and jomsocial?

    And off topic is pages for jomsocial in the works?


    slepoy Friend

    Hello. In blogpost was said:

    Benefits to JomSocial users: Next JoomlArt template will be featuring JomSocial too and would be free for all active JomSocial users.

    I’m an active jomsocial user (subscriber). Will I get Ja MOOD templtare and support by free?


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    charles99 Friend

    Does anyone know when this template will be released!

    No real template has been released last month so why a delay in getting this templates released on the July 1. And a week delay may not seem like a lot but when you clients looking for a new design it places me in a odd situation of having to use another template maker…

    You do know what they say Time is Money! So please keep this small fact in mind when posting a new template for members insight. If you are seeking members insight then post the new template online 2 weeks before it is to be release. And yes I know there is nothing that state a new template will be released on the first of the month, but it is the norm at every other template maker to release a new template on the first of the month.

    mcglynn Friend

    Your demo page is redirecting to the wrong template..

    slepoy Friend

    How can I login to the demo site and check up JomSocial template?

    Rx Greenthumb, Inc. Friend

    Looking FWD to trying it out on our site. Currently using Magz II and really like it.

    Have always had problems with JA Social.

    Number one question I can never find an answer to, where do you put the support files? How do you install them? Quickstart is great but when you’re already in production you need better documentation to explain how to put the template in. i.e. step 1. install template, step 2 install plugins, step 3. install modules, step 4. extract support files to ???? Seriously sooooo effing frustrated with this aspect of your t3 file system Why the hell aren’t they installed with the template?

    Believe me I know how to handle the install and plugins and extension mgr and updates and I’m a paid developer, but for the life of me I still don’t know where to put the support files after installing a template and associated plugins and or modules masthead etc. It is so frustrating… pretty documentation but yet to find the substance I need i.e. can someone please tell me where to extract the support files and where to put them? t3-assets? template folder someplace… seriously sooo frustrated with looking for that info and have still YET to find it. I have man-hours invested just looking. A simple link would be greatly appreciated.

    Michael McCarthy

    Rx Greenthumb, Inc. Friend

    JA Mood Template Install Instructions

    Here’s my case in point… JA Mood Documentation says to download packages that includes: Source File among others… okay now that I’ve downloaded it… what next?

    The fancy javascript menu in the sidebar looks pretty and all but I’d prefer you spent your time putting substance into your documentation instead of making them look pretty. If you did spend the man hours on content vs making it look pretty, I probably wouldn’t even be typing this because, who knows, you may have included all the instructions in the template documentation. Number one issue I have with you guys, your documentation structure and substance sucks. It looks pretty but pretty only wastes my time!

    Michael McCarthy

    art3 Friend

    You can tell me how many customers we can sell you this template?

    Why they do this, I do not really understand them. Joomlart is no longer a good choice. And do not tell me to use Page Builder, because I will not pay more and more …

    You know perfectly well that this template can not be used for any business, so they do this. Excuse my bad English, but I speak Spanish. Very bad Joomlart.

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    kmgdesign Friend

    Whats about .mp4 files?
    YT and V are nice, but i need to play some mp4s.


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