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    I want the JA Mega Filter to have a filter for in-stock and out of stock Hikashop product.

    Mo0nlight Moderator


    You can try this tweak:

    Open the file : /plugins/jamegafilter/hikashop/helper.php Look for :

    $item->thumbnail = $this->getThumbnail($baseItem);

    Add this code under.

            if ($baseItem->product_quantity) {
                $item->is_salable = 1;
                $item->attr['stock']['value'][] = 2;
                $item->attr['stock']['frontend_value'][] = JText::_("COM_JAMEGAFILTER_IN_STOCK");
            } else {
                $item->attr['stock']['value'][] = 1;
                $item->attr['stock']['frontend_value'][] = JText::_("COM_JAMEGAFILTER_OUT_STOCK");

    Open the file : /plugins/jamegafilter/hikashop/fields/filterfields.php

    Look for:

                    "sort" => 0,  
                    "field"=> "weight",

    Add this code under.

                    "sort" => 0,
                    "field"=> "attr.stock.value",
                    "filter_type"=>array("single", "dropdown", "multiple")

    Then edit item in JA Mega Filter and publish the stock field. Then index again.

    You could add the text to language file to translate.

    nic7071 Friend

    Thanks it returns 3 options!
    All Stock
    In Stock
    Out of Stock

    Can i make it like a toggle button ?

    and how about badge image url problem ?

    nic7071 Friend

    Also i want the price to be changed so it can show the price with discount instead of the price without discount !
    how can i do that ?

    Mo0nlight Moderator


    You could try this.

    Edit the file:


    Look for :

            $item->price = (float) $this->getPrice($baseItem)->price;
            $item->frontend_price = $this->getPrice($baseItem)->frontend_price;

    Change to:

            $Price = $this->getPrice($baseItem);
            $item->price = (float) $Price->price;
            $item->frontend_price = $Price->frontend_price;

    Then index again.
    If you still had any problem. Please post site admin and ftp account i could check for you.

    nic7071 Friend

    Thanks ,

    1. with this, i successfully changed the base price with price with discount.
      but i want to show both price with and price without discount.
      please tell me what shortcode i can use in product-item.php to echo the price without discount too.

    2. hikashop product Badge image is not loading too !
      please tell me how can i fix it to show the proper badge image inside ja mega filter menu product listing!

    3. Ja Megafilter Default sorting is based on productn IDs in hikashop!
      i want to change it to product Order so i can manage the sort the product in ja mega filter menu with the order i create in hikashop !

    Thanks !

    Mo0nlight Moderator


    I need a closer look at the settings of JA Mega Filter, kindly share the Admin login info of your site via PRIVATE reply.


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    nic7071 Friend
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    nic7071 Friend

    any news ?

    Mo0nlight Moderator


    Without admin info or ftp account it’s will be difficult to make a change
    Please wait for some time.

    nic7071 Friend
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    Mo0nlight Moderator


    You should only post your private info in private mode so other user could not see the info, I just changed for you.

    I’m checking the problem for you, and back to you right after I find the solutions.

    nic7071 Friend
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    nic7071 Friend

    some of these features are really critical for me.
    is there any way I can get faster responses on this topic?

    I’ll appreciate it

    Mr.Cat Moderator


    For missing badges, open file helper.php, replace this line

    $this->attr['badges']['image'] = $badge->badge_image ? 'media/com_hikashop/upload/'.$badge->badge_image : 'media/com_hikashop/images/barcode.png';

    with this block

    $config = hikashop_config();
    $this->attr['badges']['image'] = $badge->badge_image ? $config->get('uploadfolder') . $badge->badge_image : $config->get('uploadfolder') . $config->get('default_image') ;

    Then try to index filter again.

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