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  • Hung Dinh Friend

    I. Thanks Button
    The thank you feature has been installed into the forum. Have you ever wanted to say thank you to someone? Now you can click on the Thanks button to show your appreciation.

    This is particularly helpful if you are still new to the topic/subject and lurking around but would like to show your appreciation.

    If you are thanked for a post, you will gain 5 Credits to your account. The Credits system is explained as belows.

    II. Credits
    As you may have noticed, the Credits System has been installed for testing and credits performance review. We have not decided how we will redeem such credits but we can use them for the followings:

    1. JA New/Renew/Upgrade Membership
    2. Joomla Books, T-shirt, Cap, Laptop bags…
    3. Joomla products from JA Partners

    How credits are awarded?
    (Full settings here)
    Quick summary
    # Gain Thanks: 5 Credits
    # Lose Thanks: -5 Credits
    # Give Thanks: 0.1 Credits
    # Take Thanks: -0.1 Credit
    # Induction (Welcome bonus): 10 Credits
    # Referral: 0.1 Credits
    # Activity (Credits awarded once per day user has performed the defined activity.): 0.1 Credits
    # Birthday: 10 Credits
    # Grant Reputation: 0.1 Credits
    # Receive Reputation: : 10 Credits
    # Infraction
    # New Thread: 0 Credits for registered member, 5 for Admin/Mods/Moderators
    # Rate Thread: 0.1 Credits
    # Posting: 1 Credits
    # Own Thread Posting: 2 Credits
    # Post Size Credit awarded per character or word in a post, in addition to the Posting Credit: 0.1
    # Your Thread Rated: 5 Credits
    # Your Thread Replied: 0.1 Credits
    # Your Profile Viewed: 0.5 Credits
    # Poll Creation: 10 Credits
    # Poll Vote: 0.1 Credits
    # Sending PM: 1 Credits
    # Profile Picture: 5 Credits
    # Profile Fields: 5 Credits

    NO SPAM POSTS or THANKS for credits.
    DO NOT SPAM the Forum for Credit by spam post or thanks. The credits+thanks system has penalty function which means if you reply a post or thanks someone and awarded 1 credit, but the Admin/Mod thinks your post does not contribute to the discussion or make no help/value to the thread or forum like “great”, “Agree” then they can remove your post and your credits will be deducted for 50 times of what you have awarded which means 50 credits will be removed from your account.
    If your credits are removed more than 3 times, Admin/Mod reserve the right to ban your account from using Credits and Thanks system.

    PS: Above information and settings are not final. Depending on the performance of the Credits system setting may be changed. I will keep you updated on how and how much credits will be redeemed for such prizes.

    mfcphil Friend

    And if you were to use your credits for JA New/Renew/Upgrade Membership how many credits would you need.

    Menalto Friend

    Hmmmm, i had 30 000 something credits and now its only 16 000, any good explanation on that?

    Michael Casha Friend

    We changed a lot of settings Menalto, and everyone’s credits were redone.

    mfcphil: We’re not 100% sure just yet, please remember that this is still under trial 🙂

    Menalto Friend

    Hey? That is hard earned credits MICCAS? You know how hard i worked to get that?

    Michael Casha Friend

    <em>@Menalto 42179 wrote:</em><blockquote>Hey? That is hard earned credits MICCAS? You know how hard i worked to get that?</blockquote>
    What’s the issue mate, I am sure both you and I would not be eligible for bonuses. The credits system was never public as far as I am aware, else it was not functional.

    Menalto Friend

    Just delete my post buddy, im just joking here

    Michael Casha Friend

    Anyone noticed a lot of our “Thanks” just dropped.. Not sure if it’s a bug or if someone deleted a post?

    Hung Dinh Friend

    <em>@MiCCAS 42320 wrote:</em><blockquote>Anyone noticed a lot of our “Thanks” just dropped.. Not sure if it’s a bug or if someone deleted a post?</blockquote>

    jconcepts made about 132 inappropriate thanks which has been removed.

    matthew1429 Friend

    I’d personally vote for credits being redeemed for extensions to membership

    kallan Friend

    Me too – my membership is up for renewal soon and i’d love to be able to use the credits.


    Hung Dinh Friend

    Hi guys,
    You request, we listen and we make it real 😀

    Sunsetdriver Friend

    wow! awesome feature!! Thanks for adding it! 🙂

    grahamo Friend

    Great post, certainly clears up how the credit system works.


    gazoline Friend

    in this matter, I just bought 1 year membership and after that, I can’t download a lot of things because I have -61 credits:eek:

    sorry for my time here…

    but for that I received some help for JA, and for that I thank them 🙂

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