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    Hi Guys,

    We are really excited to release the preview of JA Joomla Page Builder, which will change the way we build Joomla sites. JA Builder for Joomla sites.

    For today you can preview the builder tool in this video and let us know what you feel about it. We will be launching the Live Demo next week for you all to play around.

    In depth details on features is also coming up in series of blog posts soon. What JA Builder can do? One can build pages, landing pages, layouts based on pre-made content blocks and other powerful options to help any user handle all the website development work with ease.

    View overview video:

    Let us know your impression about it.

    JoomlArt Team

    pprle Friend

    Unless there are other under the hood work in progress, it is a page builder but it is not a site builder like you call it…

    Here is what I wrote 2 months ago (September 21, 2016 at 12:51 pm)

    @joomlart, I think you should stop selling templates ! Create a main T3 template and a page builder to customize the site pages as we want. Grid, colors, classes, etc. Then start creating themes for Joomla! components…. I think creating themes for components would be better than creating templates that suits maybe 15% (?) of your customers… My own 2p but worth thinking about it

    Your preview is only showing STATIC content. The main and most important question is:

    • will we be able to use more than one component and also non BS3 components? (your actual templates are not thought for multi components versatility)

    I am looking forward reading you soon… Best regards

    +After changing your website CMS from Joomla! to WordPress, you are now clearly stating you advise to users to choose WordPress instead of Joomla!.
    Your Blog Post:
    Are these hints of your future intention to stop your Jommla! developments??

    felix1 Friend

    YES! I’m a simple Joomla sitebuilder with just basic html and css knowledge. This is right up my alley, and you made me wanna remain as customer for a long time now.

    Can’t wait for the release! ☺

    Felix Rimfrost

    Arvind Chauhan Moderator


    Yes, there is much more to the builder and you can help by letting us know how this tool can be of help to you and what features would be of help.

    Regarding using wordpress for our backend, I must tell you that we still use Joomla as our main site as it has been the case from day 1. But we have always kept functionalities separated with use of different scripts which help us maintain our processes efficiently. Earlier we were using Joomla, VBulletin, Amember, Kayako etc. Now we are using Joomla, WordPress, Kayako (limited), Jira and our wordpress backend is highly customized and it is not just for JoomlArt but also used by (wordpress products) and (magento products), Yes a single customized wordpress installation is the backend for 3+ of our business models.

    Anyways, getting back to the topic at hand : let us know what shortcoming you see in the preview of our builder tool and we will consider it for implementation. The tool as on now is bare minimum and the whole point of this discussion is to know what our members want, so that the end product is worth it.



    ximware Friend

    More the same…

    SP Page Builder –
    Quix Page Builder –

    I now JA Builder. What’s difference?

    supportows Friend

    Hi to all,
    just few questions:

    it will be possible make articles content and also modules content with this builder?
    It will be possible create also a template layout with module positions , for example?

    Thank you, i will wait the next week to test the release preview, i think a builder is a good idea if it doesn’t "denaturalize" the Joomla structure. To be clear, i don’t wont a Wix for Joomla…:-)



    gringo211985 Friend

    @arvind Chauhan

    I like the concept and I believe it’s a step in the right direction. You listened to what we want and this new component could be very good indeed.

    What you WILL NEED TO DO is create content blocks/styles for 3rd party components. This will change it from a page builder to a site builder because without the 3rd party styles our job is basically the exact same as using Uber 1.

    1 or 2 Virtuemart Styles 1 or 2 RS Form Styles 1 or 2 Mijoshop Styles 1 or 2 Vik Resturant Styles and so on…

    These should be downloadable add-ons that we can install when needed, which include styling for all relevant pages like checkout, category, product page etc. It will also mean that we don’t have unwanted CSS files on our servers.

    Each month you guys should be able to make a new header style, slideshow, 3rd party component, form, footer etc. Then put them all together as a new template! Then people can download the quickstart which will install the new combination of styles and boom! It’s a new template just like any release you do.

    Also YOU NEED TO add an option to style the CSS of the content blocks within the editor, just basic stuff like colour, font, padding would be fine. Without this feature it’s going to not be that easy for the newbies and will save devs time from writing up custom.css

    I implore you to listen to my advice as it will really set you apart from all other frameworks and given a few months would probably be the most powerful tool available for Joomla devs.

    Just think given 12 months we would have access to 100’s of content blocks and 12 of the main 3rd party components for Joomla! As a developer this is exactly what I need and I am sure there would be lots of other members that agree with me.

    If you are unsure about the change from standalone template to themes then I would suggest you do a poll on the forum and send an email out to all users and let us decide.

    tulipmom Friend

    I used Beaver Builder on a WP website earlier this year. It was very easy to use and customize. The video of the JA Builder seems to provide similar functionality to what I used previously.

    I’ve been learning all about Joomla since early October 2016. I’m still very ‘new & green’ in learning Joomla and am trying to use the Uber template to build a website. I still have much to learn but would like to try to use the JA Builder to do what I’m trying to do!

    Where will the demo be available to test & try?

    Thanks so much!

    Creaktor Branding Agency Friend

    I think I’ve build 20 sites with Uber, and with that it is almost perfect for me. It just takes a bit too much time to do custom overrides on the php,xml and less files. What would be really cool is, if we can now do it all in the local folder.

    Is it possible to build our own blocks/stuff.
    Extra note: wouldn’t it be could that users can add content to a online box, mark it so we can share each others blocks/stuff. Get points and eventually the top 10 contributors get a year free developer license 🙂 I’m building blocks custom for each site now and it’s hard to reuse. Well not hard, but it takes to much time.

    Overall I love these kind of things equally as complete templates. Now we can choose! Amazing and good work.

    itprisma Friend

    Good Idea, however … Important thing is: It must work with translation tools like falang to translate the content from this site builder.

    Other wise forget it.

    I read that Quix isn´t be able to be used with falang.

    Good Idea, hope it works….

    santulino Friend

    Great idea!!!

    emilion Friend

    I am building a site with Ja Teline V and With JReviews extension. Teline is cool and give me the right look I want, but deal with the template customization and the ACM module is a headache to me.
    As others said could be great easier integration with other 3rd party components. I bet for a solid and versatile framework that we can customize easier and match with our components more that monthly template release. Thus could make joomlart really useful and unique!
    Just my opinion…

    vecdom Friend

    Super excited as this looks very promising….

    Now we can build landing pages that integrate automatically to our websites…

    It would nice:

    1. Ability to assign a "build" to a url / joomla menu item
    2. Offer a custom html block
    3. Video blocks
    4. Dynamic blocks with selectors of what to include: # of items, category, title, video, image, intro text, full text, etc – with source providers: joomla, k2, hika shop
    5. Componenet specific (Acymailing, RSForms, Registration, EasySocial registration…)
    6. Hide navbar / footer (for landing pages)

    Hope this helps.

    Thanks again for bringing this to life.

    Scott Lavelle Friend

    We do very few "template" based sites. We mostly design and then build from scratch using a very cleared-out version of the T3 Framework T3 BS3 Blank template.

    I have to say that the few attempts that I’ve tried to use the ACM system, it has been a total pain to me. In trying to add it to a Blank T3 Framework site, there are so many broken things it’s not worth it – but that’ not its design. But even in the case of using a template that was made for it – like the resume template we used to put together a quick site last week it was really difficult just to figure out where things were. And there were a ton of bugs in the template.

    Part of me thought "I could have built this faster from scratch with some spotlights" but I bid it as a template site.

    I hope that this builder makes the ACM system manageable. To me, it’s NOT easier to build a site with as it is now, so I look forward to experimenting with this.

    Scott Lavelle - Technical Resource Solutions, LLC
    Certified Joomla Administrator

    Arvind Chauhan Moderator

    Your preview is only showing STATIC content. The main and most important question is: will we be able to use more than one component and also non BS3 components? (your actual templates are not thought for multi components versatility)

    @pprle, let me explain more about your question.

    In the video, it is focusing on page builder based on the premade blocks but the builder is designed to build complete Joomla site, means it will interact with all Joomla pages and even 3rd party extensions. Here is a screenshot on the Joomla default page in edit mode:

    You can see that, you can add more blocks for a Joomla default pages, configure the Joomla main content section.

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