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  • renegades Friend

    I initially installed the Joomla 1.5 upgrade into a dev. folder under the html directory. My question is should I uninstall joomla 1.5 and re-install it into the html folder?

    brianrkelly Friend

    When installing the quick start from Joomla extension manager, I get the following message:

    Fatal error: Maximum execution time of 30 seconds exceeded in /mnt/local/home/briankelly/ on line 297

    I had a difficult time locating the attribute to increase the time necessary to upload. If I ftp the unzipped files where do I send them in the joomla subdirectory structure?

    Thank you for the help.

    mj1256 Friend

    see all the different issues.

    there is no way to address all of this

    renegades: remove the installation folder, that is the last step in the setup
    it should be in the public_html folder, that is the root for your domain. but you can use it in a subfolder and that is probably best for practicing. Then one you get your site together, you can move it to the public_html folder using joomlapack

    brianrkelly: the quickstart is a full joomla installation with the template all set up like the demo. you cannot install it from with in joomla. If you already have joomla installed, you need to just upload the template and the extensions, but it will not look like the demo. the template you install just like any other template.

    so, quickstart is a full joomla install with the template set up as the demo

    the template is just the template for those that already have joomla installed

    kkiree Friend

    I have extracted the quickstart files…but when I try to go to the URL, I am not getting anything. IS it that I need to give certain permission to certain folder? please advise?

    mj1256 Friend


    what do you mean you have extracted the quickstart files.
    where, on your server in the public_html folder i hope.

    did you ftp them or did your upload the zip via cpanel and then extract

    do you have cpanel

    whats the url so we can take a look

    renegades Friend

    problem has been solved….I just figured out that – the quickstart package actually include the Joomla 1.5 upgrade aswell. All this time I was trying to upgrade Joomla and then install the quickstart pck.

    Thank you everybody for you help.

    sgaughan Friend

    Just to be sure.

    I extract the zip files from the distribution package, then install Quickstart. If so, do I do that in root (html/) or lower?

    After that, I install the template and modules. Is that right?

    Thank you,

    renegades Friend

    No – well basically, you are suppose to extra the zip file on your desktop and then upload the quickstart zip. folder onto your database. Keep in mind, this is something I had to figure out my self, if you are just upgrading to Joomla 1.5 you may have to install the template file alone. But if you haven’t upgrade just yet, the quickstart package will guide you through that process…..and don’t forget to install simple database.

    sgaughan Friend

    I consider the problem solced.

    rashan Friend

    JA Teline II installed but I am unsure of the function of the quickstart. If the template is already installed is there a function to the quickstart? The quickstart sub-directory is buried in the templates sub-directory for the JA Teline II template.

    So the bottom line – what does the quickstart do (since the template is already installed)?
    Secondly, where should the quickstart sub-directory reside?

    Thank you,

    scotty Friend

    The ‘Quickstart’ is a complete website. It includes the Joomla core files AND the teline template. It is based on the Demo site.

    The ‘Template’ in the zip is intended to be imported into an already existing joomla site

    dhuston53 Friend

    Yes–Scotty is right. This is a mentioned, (but not clearly) feature of Quickstart. The term Quickstart is misleading. At first, I assumed that I should first intall Joomla, and then, install the template. WRONG!!!

    The best way to install Teline II is on a pristine root folder–with no prior Joomla installation. I highly recommend deleting EVERYTHING else BEFORE you install the Quickstart.

    Make sure you do a sample data install, too, since this helps you see how the site actually works.

    rashan Friend

    I just unzipped a file on my local pc that I want to upload. It has within it a Quickstart sub-directory which contains another zip file within it – what am I looking for to run the install?

    Thank you,

    scotty Friend

    It depends on what you want.

    Do you want to install the template (A) on to an existing Joomla web site or (B) install a website like the demo version of the template that you can then customise to your own needs.

    If the answer is A then go to your existing Joomla admin cpanel and go to Extensions>Install/Uninstall… browse to the ‘Template’ Folder from within the zip you downloaded from JA. In this you will find another zip. This is the one you want to install. This will install the template only!!! Nothing else!!!

    If the answer is B then ftp and unzip the .zip file that is inside your quickstart folder and install is the way you would an ordinary joomla install. This contains everything!!! Template + Joomla + Extensions. Everything!

    Sarah Catcher Friend

    It looks like your website is coming along.

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