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  • Hung Dinh Friend

    JoomlArt provides quickstart package for each template which aims to easy to use and comfortable for users. It will help you save much time of installing and configuring if you plan to start your site from the beginning.

    Installing Quickstart package is quite easy as you install the normal joomla!. Please follow these steps:

    1. Download the quickstart package from JoomlArt download section
    2. You have 2 options now:
      • Upload the zip file to your host and extract it using cPanel or other File Manger Tools if possible.
      • If option above not available, you can extract the zip file in your local machine, and upload all file to your host using FTP client program.
  • Start installation by typing your URL to the quickstart that you have extracted (uploaded). The installation page should be appeared as normal Joomla! installation.
  • Follow the instruction step by step to complete installation process. While install, please remember to install Sample Database to have all JoomlArt designed content, module and components settings.

    After you have done your installation. Just rename or delete folder installation in your Joomla! folder. And now you have done! Just refresh your site to see changes.

    More Resources :

    The Quickstart installation is same even in the Joomla 1.6 version. For visual guide please follow the links below. The steps are same for Joomla 1.5 or Joomla 1.6 installation :

    1. How to Install Quickstart (Screenshots)
    2. HowTo: Joomla! 1.6 Installer, Step-by-Step
    3. How to Install Joomla 1.6 Tutorial – (Cpanel based servers)
    4. How to install Joomla – Localhost using Xampp

    There are plenty of resources in the Google search. Please remember, JA Quickstart is same as Joomla Package, just bundled with Demo content. The installation is no different from normal joomla installation.

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Chew Hoe Ang Friend

When I try to unzip the quickstart on my local computer, I was prompted for password for images. Please advise me.

beadit Friend

How long should the install of Sample Data take? I’m guessing 1 hour would be too long?

dhuston53 Friend

I am a little confused.

I have a new web site with nothing on it. I want to install Teline II.

If I want to install the Quickstart for Teline II for Joomla 1.5, should I first install Joomla 1.5 (either manually or using Fantastico) OR should I first install Quickstart?

In other words, is Quickstart a custom build of Joomla 1.5?

I have been thinking that Quickstart was just the template, but now I think that is the root of my problems.

Thank you

David Huston

Sherlock Friend

Hi dhuston53 !
Quickstart includes joomla1.5, database sample and template. So you only install the quickstart, don’t need install joomla 1.5 . example :
Teline ii quickstart includes joomla 1.5 , database sample and teline ii template . then install it you will have a site like in demo : .

iwankumara Friend

Anone can show us with image, how to install quickstart from local machine ,then uoloaded with FTP then click URL to install.
I believe this way is good to explain how to solve uninstallable template/module/component that has big size more than 2MB.
Please tell us with image.

Thank you guys.

Sherlock Friend

Hi !
Please view here to connsult about install quickstart !

renegades Friend

I’ve been trying to install the quickstart package for the past several days now and i’m beginning to become very frustrated. My server does not seem to have a sample database to install. I’ve downloaded the quickstart package into the dev. folder that I originally installed the Joomla upgrade 1.5 package. I followed the instruction stated above, I deleted the installation directory and the quickstart package is still not installed. I’ve followed all the steps, and the main reason I purchase the plan was because I assume I would have received some help from the forum.

If Someone can please help I would very much appreciate the attention in this matter. I have a project that I should have completed days ago, but this is certainly delaying that goal.
I’m willing to provide my access information to my server, in order to look into this for me.

Thanks again.

Sherlock Friend

Hi renegades !
Please send your url !

renegades Friend

Thank you for replying….:

my current URL site is

That’s where I’ve downloaded the Joomla 1.5 upgrade.

Joomla log in:
I will also send you my webhosting log in if you would like to help on that end.

mj1256 Friend

1) download the template files
2) unzip on your harddrive
3) upload the quickstart zip to you server (either by ftp or your cpanel file manager)
4) if you have cpanel, make a new database, make sure you add a user to it and give that user full Privileges
5)go to your file manager and unzip (expand) the quickstart.
6) go to you URL, the installation screenshould be there
7) follow the steps. unless your on some freaky host, your database will be on localhost
enter the username and databasename and password as directed
8) at this point, depending on 1.0.15 or 1.5.x look for the install sample data. in 1.0.15 it will be a check box at the bottom on the database setup page. MAKE SURE IT IS CHECKED and click next. In 1.5.X it iwll be a big button on the next screen ( or the one after) but look for it as you go through the setup pages.
9) Finish all of the prompts,
10) remove the installation folder and only the installation folder

go to your url and the site should have the sample content installed and look like the demo

mj1256 Friend

someone needs to make step by step screenshots for plesk, cpanel, godaddy, 1 and 1, and maybe a few others.

but even at that, the quickstart installs just like a full install of joomla, you just need to click the sample button choices along the way.

iwankumara Friend

Hi Hain88,

thanks for you info bout how to install quickstart.
Believe me, I have explored all thread and questions asked in this forum before I posting this thread.
I also tried your guys explanation using quickstart.
But I can not. because the explanation is not clear enough.
You know Joomla has migrate to the newst version and it seem there are so many changes, including the look of lay out etc.
what I meant was, please explain us with mage, you we can see clearly what buttton should be pushed and what options should be clicked.
Look forward to hear from you guys…


Iwan kumara

mj1256 Friend

one of the issues is that different hosts have different setups and those setup cause problems and need separate workarounds. there is no way to address every users and host individual problems.

the quickstart installs just like joomla, which a agree, does have a learning curve. Have you tried to install a plain vanilla install of joomla (not fantastico) in a subdirectory of your site to experiment and learn. Trial and error is the best way.

renegades Friend

take a look – basically after installing the quickstart package I get the same message. (I need to remove the Installation directory). I know that the same process for the Joomla upgrade but not the quickstart package.

please advise.

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