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  • vozro Friend

    JA Builder-The Best COMPONENT For VISUAL Editing And Creating PAGES In JOOMLA!

    Use it in their projects and recommend it to their clients and partners.

    Finally created a standing component that changes the idea of designing and filling the pages on CMS JOOMLA

    Arvind Chauhan Moderator

    Hi guys,

    Thanks a lot for your interest in the contest. The rule is quite simple:

    1. Create landing pages using JA Page Builder (or the pages you created for your website)
    2. Take screenshots (or links) fo the pages and submit in the thread.
      We will check one by one and select 5 best ones.


    svarcat Friend

    How much time we have to build a site?

    ab Friend

    Yes! Later. When ?

    Alexander Kliem Friend

    This is a page i made to lend crown caps for a northern german tradition šŸ™‚ The colors are the colors of the town buxtehude i am living in (as you can see on some of my pictures). otherwise i would have choosen some less contrasty colors. Friend

    Thank you so much :

    Why repeat the old errors,if there are so many new errors to commit

    desiretart Friend

    Good day

    I am interested, please send me the link for download it.

    Thank you

    Anonymous Friend

    How much time we have to build a site?

    caravans Friend

    I am interested in having JA Developer Membership.
    Tell me what to do !!.

    Bert Flierman

    bluekakarlak Friend

    Here u go :

    dade88 Friend

    Few bugs/issues found while playign with JA Builder:

    • Header 1.6 is not rendering second module (in my case, it turns useful for language flags)
    • Custom styles applied on edition, but not on live page (Template instead)
    • Font-awesome icons are not resizing with text
    • Sometimes postitions buttons and text editor are on top of each other
    • More important of them all, the site suddenly broken without a valid reason (check by yourself) – from the editor, all looks fine.

    I was just about to take the screenshot for the contest and couldn’t :/

    aletochigno Friend

    Hi , I’ve created a landing page using page builder. It’s available at Thanks

    ericjiang Friend

    Pagebuilder is very easy to use for a website .Now using Helix with Sp page builder. JA SEEMS has some function is more advanced , would like to have a try for my website !

    dsotelo Friend

    Hola, Desarrolle la pĆ”gina de aterrizaje para una organizaciĆ³n que trabaja con niƱos en situacion de vulnerabilidad. Saludos

    Hello, Develop the landing page for an organization that works with children in situations of vulnerability. regards

    wierzyn Friend

    Ensemble Project

Viewing 15 posts - 16 through 30 (of 89 total)

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