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  • JoomlaMatrix Single

    Still getting used to it…

    Work in Progress, Liking the interface very much, could do with some more buzzy galleries, but best I’ve seen for Joomla so far…

    Please keep it up


    razzo Developer

    Hi, I have updated to RC2 to insert the link in the footer images (thanks for the feature). But now I see the website like this: (see attachment).

    Edit1: I try to restore the previous revision but this doesn’t solve…

    Edit2: I restored a backup of the site without:

    • link in the footer images
    • correct color in the contact form

    but something still not work… For example the padding of the title "I nostri prezzi". See the differec from and the live site.

    1. Deig-RC2
    alexreska JATC

    Hi Guyz!!! greeeeat job with the new release!

    I used this template since the beginning, and now the website of my guesthouse is ready to get booking!
    Big up yourself JOOMLART!!!
    I see you in Jamaica!

    1. home-1
    2. pricing
    3. place-to-go
    4. booking
    5. travel-jamaica Friend

    Hi! we’ve just finished our page made with JA Builder. Here is the site link and the image of the finished website. URL:

    1. nueva-clubnea-1489441090137

    max_santiago Developer

    Hi JA Builder fans!
    I made this website about italian project for ‘saving money’ with Consumers Associations:

    Ciao from Italy!

    1. dacs-1
    2. dacs-2
    3. dacs-3
    4. dacs-4
    5. dacs-5
    mivaneo Friend
    laisch Single

    All made with JA Builder Friend

    any news about the winners?

    Tuncay Developer

    JA Geliştirici Üyelik Kazanmak için JA Builder

    enter image description here

    1. Videolar
    Creaktor Branding Agency Developer

    I’m also a live techno performer. This is our site.

    hhelmy Developer

    Hello Joomlart
    Thank you for this wonderful tool that will change the look and performance of Joomla sites. Thanks for the development team who worked hard for continuous long hours to create that distinctive tool. Thank you for choosing my page among the top 5 designs. Finally, thanks for your valuable developers membership.

    gracethemes Friend

    I am interested in having JA Developer Membership.
    What should I do?

    Today we will tell you some things about photography WordPress theme.

    JA Developer Moderator

    I am interested in having JA Developer Membership.
    What should I do?

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Viewing 13 posts - 76 through 88 (of 88 total)

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