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  • lizcam JATC

    The beginning of a new site I’m working on. Love builder, great creative tool.

    gringo211985 JATCSingle

    Hi Arvind,

    I really want to enter this competition and have started working on my site, however I am a little busy with my other jobs and was wondering when is the deadline?

    I do not want to miss out on this so please let me know when the deadline is for.


    a090588 Developer

    вот занимаюсь созданием сайта на JA Builder тоже хочу поучаствовать в конкурсе ))))
    это тестовый домен чтоб не палить основной начал делать сегодня http://vtk.tmweb.ru/

    Here are doing the site for JA Builder also want to participate in the competition))))
    This test domain so as not to scorch the main started doing today http://vtk.tmweb.ru/

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    specialworld83 Friend


    It has been a great pleasure working with JA Builder and testing it, we are currently redesigning and launching our new site as you will see in the screenshot below https://www.codelinsoft.it

    1. Screenshot_20170222_183119
    2. Screenshot_20170222_183143
    3. Screenshot_20170222_183203
    4. Screenshot_20170222_183220
    5. Screenshot_20170222_183445
    rebersu Friend

    Nice componet, i create this one, http://www.rebersu.info/


    gissela_elizabeth Friend

    I am interested in having JA Developer Membership.

    pcristina Friend

    I am interested in having JA Developer Membership.
    What should I do?

    kioskbri Friend

    I am interested in having JA Developer Membership what should I do?

    effixx Single

    still working on this site 90% are made with JA-Builder.
    A geart tool. Very intuitive and easy to learn, fast implementation of projects possible. If there is still here and there a lack of possibilities. But we are with the tool so far only in the RC status


    hhelmy Developer


    This site was completely built with Ja Builder, http://tibaasp.com

    rangga san Developer

    First of all, thanks for the great tool. I have used some joomla page builders but none of them provide me ready-to-use content. With JA Builder, I can create interactive page just in minutes. Many predefined contents that ease me to create nice and clean page.

    Here is my submission, a landing page created using JA Builder: CLICK ME


    Story of Lifetime - Landing Page

    pzosso Single

    Please support our NGO with you fantastic tool.

    The landing makers Single
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    synaptix JATCJAEC

    I’m designing a new website using JABuilder and the tool is very good. Congrats on making a great product!

    There are a few things that took getting used to but the work-flow is great once you learn how everything works. Would love to see more options for moving elements around in a block but even at the current state it’s pretty dang flexible.

    I’ll update my post with the link soon as I finish it to the content requirements.

    lwdlinda Developer

    I’m in love with this tool! Thank you very much!
    I am currently working on a website for myself and my rabbits..
    When I get the hang of it all, I look forward to use it on my clients’ sites too!! 🙂


Viewing 15 posts - 31 through 45 (of 89 total)

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