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  • gr00vytunes Friend

    Thanks for the response

    Version installed is 1.2.4

    I use Akeeba and JA Extension manager! 🙂

    When I click check update – it says “Sorry, no version uploaded in Repository”

    Where do I get an updated repository to download ?

    gr00vytunes Friend

    I have sent up a cron job to remove the cache files every hour – works perfect !

    akizuki Friend

    Actually, we reached >214.000 in t3-assets folder where Akeeba gave up (we could not save our site) and the host provider gave us an ultimatum due to the very heavy server load.
    We were then at v1.2.4 of JAT3 and upgraded to 1.3.2 directly. That is a twofolded issue, namely:
    1. the t3-assets folder symptom disappeared so we were not kicked of from the server. Great luck was it.
    2. After upgrading to JAT3 v1.3.2 we are facing more problem than before: some scripts went crazy and we could not use certain moduls of our site, that were untouched anyway: the votitaly modul does not work anymore, it is only an ornament. The child item popups in the topmega menu became inactive so we had to rework the login method of the site. On the back-end, the FCK editor became useless, but JCE editor still works. However we could not use certain functions of the editors, like K2 tag picking from the roll down menu, so we had to choose the K2 tags manually one by one from more, than >500 tags…

    Do not rely too much on the support. Actually creating tickets is wasted time. My experience is, that they haven’t got the faintest idea, what’s going on. Joomlart has one maybe two overladen developers who could be really good, but the others are on forum admin level, asking questions like: did you set the cache and so on.

    Phill Moderator

    So sorry you feel like that and also sorry that your upgrade did not go as well as you might have hoped.

    As for your comments on the team it is always hard to get a balance for users to whom we do not know. While it may seem condescending when the simplest questions are asked you would be surprised how often we encounter users who are very new to web development and the simplest of things solve their problems.

    As I do not know your site or your individual problems it would be wrong of me to comment on how your issues have been dealt with. At a guess you have a complex setup with a lot of extensions. JA would love to help you with your site so please raise a support ticket with each problem in turn and we will do our best to help you come to a resolution.

    sgorney Friend

    I too have this problem. I am using Joomla 1.5, and I have upgraded the JAT3 system plugin to the latest available version, 1.3.3. I am using the blank template which is heavily customized.

    I really need to find out how to fix this problem. When my host discovered this directory there was 2.4GIGS of files in there. That is unbelievable. I cleared the directory, updated the plugin, but I continually see the directory filling with data.

    I’m open to creating a script and crob job to clear this directory, but I would rather have a real solution.

    I have disabled the system-cache plugin, disabled cache in Joomla global config, and disabled cache in the template’s settings. What needs to really happen to disable cache? I have to solve this.

    sgorney Friend

    Update on this:

    I read a post on that says if you enable Development Mode on your template that the caching is disabled. I have done this, and, surprisingly, the cache directory has remained EMPTY. That is perfect! Hope this helps someone else out there in as much pain as I was!

    capellasoft Friend

    I have same issue. I also want to bring in notice that there are two folders of t3-assets, once inside cache and another directly at your root or public_html. t3-assets under the root or public_html folder gets filled with millions of files in one month even though you press that button “ja t3 cache clean up” . so there is certainly some bug. This bug has cuased my server down time for 8 times and i lost approximately 5000 visitors because of that.

    PLease tell us fix for this issue. And for a reason i can’t upgrade plugin and template. can you please us the fix and i will implement it.

    Ninja Lead Moderator

    Hi there,

    I raised JAEM bug to dev team and marked it Urgent :

    Hopefully, we will have a solution to this soon.


    artexe01 Friend

    Tons of files are serious problem i need clean cache every two days. Pls help

    Ninja Lead Moderator

    <em>@artexe01 348452 wrote:</em><blockquote>Tons of files are serious problem i need clean cache every two days. Pls help</blockquote>
    About your problem can use cache module instead of cache page.
    + You can disable cache page from JA Template
    <blockquote>Admin area->Extension->Template Manager->JA Template->Global tabs->Enable Development Mode set Yes</blockquote>
    + Enable cache on your module
    Hope it helps the problem on your site

    cndglobal Friend

    <em>@Ninja Lead 348594 wrote:</em><blockquote>+ Enable cache on your module</blockquote>

    Not sure what you mean by Enable cache on your module???
    – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
    If you switch to developer turn off caching ….will that make the site have to reload each image on the site each time it is accessed?
    Would this cause slow page loads due to no caching???
    Would like to hear more as this is a problem with my joomla sites as well.

    HeR0 Friend

    Hi Cndglobal,

    If you want to use cache featured. Plz make sure that you only enable a cache method. If you enable more cache method : in template setting, global configuration, module,…. may be conflict happen. I think that only use cache method in JA Template setting, it is well for you.
    PS: make sure that you are using JA T3V2 plugin latest version.


    niaben Friend

    I have the same problem. The JAT3 version is 1.2.5. Looking in the code, I’ve found this line (427) in the file core/head.php, function optimizejs:

    $file = fopen($cachepath . DS . session_id() . “txt”, “a”);

    but $file isn’t used in this function, and the line isn’t present in the almost identical optimizecss function. Could this be the origin of the problem?

    Wall Crasher Developer

    Hi niaben,

    Have you tried HeR0’s workaround? Please pm me your information, I will help check on your real site.

    flying_scot Friend

    Hi HeRO. You solution did not work for me. I have finally disabled the template cache and have turned on the Joomla cache in the Global config. I am using the latest JA T3 for joomla 2.5 on the JA Anion template. I’m not so concerned about having to refresh the JAT3 Cache in admin after adding content as I am really, really frustrated with AJAX search module. Depending on traffic I have to clear the JAT3 cache every hour. And by the way when click the JAT3 cache…where exactly is the cache it is clearing? My cache folder in the server publichtml directory does not change. I have to go in and manually clear that folder. Given some days I get up to 4,000 page views…I have a lot of files to delete. try the search out. If you get nothing…then I haven’t gone in and clicked the JAT3 clear cache button in the admin. Is there an extension you can recommend that can clear the cache on a schedule…like once an hour?

    Regards, John Barson aka The Flying Scot

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