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  • sharpdome Friend

    That’s my development site, and does not get a lot of traffic. My production site shows the following:

    t3 4499
    t3-assets 24080

    I manually cleared the cache a few days ago. t3-assets already has over 24,000 files.

    Why is the cache not being purged?

    Sherlock Friend

    Hi sharpdome,

    This may be a bug and needs further investigation, I created an issue in our jira system for our developers to check it.

    You can also tracking this issue in here to see when it is solved.


    sharpdome Friend

    Thanks, I’ll track the bug in JIRA.

    Any idea when the developers will be able to take a look at the issue?

    Phill Moderator

    I have just checked my cache>t3 folder and todaye there are 18,313 files with a size of 480MB and I only emptied it a couple of days ago so I also think there may be a problem. Interestingly my cache>t3-assets folder is tiny and the standard t3-assets folder only has 84 files.

    The bug report has been raised in the JIRA with a level of “Major”. Normally bugs of this level are fixed quite quickly but sometimes it can tak a little while if they are of a complex nature as this one appears to be.

    sharpdome Friend

    Any update? 🙂

    thatcomputerdude Friend

    Any updates?

    sharpdome Friend

    Any update? This is still a problem.

    Faeton Friend

    I have the same problem. The JAT3 version is 1.2.5. Looking in the code, I’ve found this line (427) in the file core/head.php, function optimizejs:

    $file = fopen($cachepath . DS . session_id() . “txt”, “a”);

    but $file isn’t used in this function, and the line isn’t present in the almost identical optimizecss function. Could this be the origin of the problem?

    Sherlock Friend

    Hi Faeton,

    Yes,that could be a problem,you can comment out that line,I think it will help,also the developers are checking on this and maybe the problem will be fixed in the Jat3 plugin next version.

    bazzz Friend

    I have JAT3 v1.3.1 and the problem still exists. All caching disabled but still t3 and t3-assets appear in the cache list. Very annoying!
    Do you have any idea when it will be fixed?

    K Schneider Friend

    I have also this problem
    also after everything is up to date
    so is there already a solution

    gr00vytunes Friend

    I have exactly the same issue, now i cannot clear cache because of a server timeout. I have to contact my Host and ask them to manually empty the folder on my behalf. Why does it get to this stage ?

    103,000 + Files and it will continue to grow, I have had it at 140,000+ when I last contacted my Host, they will soon get fed up with me!

    Really do need a fix for this.

    1. t3cache
    chavan Friend

    Hi gr00vytunes

    Did you upgrade to latest version of T3 framework? If not, please upgrade it to fix your issue.

    gr00vytunes Friend

    <em>@Do Ha 283342 wrote:</em><blockquote>Hi gr00vytunes

    Did you upgrade to latest version of T3 framework? If not, please upgrade it to fix your issue.</blockquote>

    How can I find out which version is installed and which version I need to use to upgrade ?

    I’m running Joomla 1.5 with Teline IV – Heavily modified on a very busy website… hence the 100,000’s cache files – so need to be really sure an update won’t cause any issues 🙂

    Phill Moderator

    If you use the JA Extension Manager it will tell you what version you are running and what versions are available. It also allows you to rollback should things not go as expected. However, before any major update it is always work using Akeeba Backup to take a full backup of you site just in case.

Viewing 15 posts - 16 through 30 (of 45 total)

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