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JA Comment Component is a brand new comment system for Joomla! 1.5, 2.5 and 3.0 developed by JoomlArt. With tiny and innovative code, JA Comment Component can be easily integrated into Joomla! articles. Easy for beginners and powerful enough for advanced users to administrate and control, it allows anyone to participate and leave their opinions in your website. We can just keep on bragging about this unique commenting system, try it to believe it!

With the new JA Comment your readers will be able to:

  • share their ideas and make suggestion upon your content.
  • write important feedback information;
  • share videos and other resources;
  • log in with social network ID like Facebook, Twitter, Wordpress and Google!

Thank you for using JA Comment Component! You have chosen our comment system because of it's advantages it comes with. Now you can enjoy the features to increase your users' experience by giving them more power when writing opinions and providing feedback.
If you have downloaded the latest version of our comment system you might also want to check the system requirements. Further more you can check development status anytime, click here to find out more.

The documentation starts by presenting the Installation and Upgrade Guides. In this section you will learn:

The next section of our documentation provide Customization FAQs. First you will learn how to customize the language for both front-end and back-end.
Then, you will learn how to customize e-mail templates and how to make them multi-language.
Finally, you can enjoy customizing the themes. In this section you will learn how to create your own themes, how to manage theme switch in front-end and how to customize your own themes.

The component administration documentation section starts presenting the dashboard and continues with comment administration panel.
Next in this section, you will learn how to deal with the component settings:

  • General Settings - component offline, notifications and e-mail settings;
  • Comments settings - thread view, voting, attachments, auto expanding text-area, e-mail subscription, comment reporting, admin approval and RSS settings;
  • SPAM filter settings - captcha, terms, block and other filter settings;
  • Blacklisting settings - automatically mark comments as SPAM settings;
  • Moderator Management - add or remove moderation rights to registered users of your website;
  • Permissions settings - setup who you want to be able to view, post, vote, edit and report comments;
  • Layout and Design Settings - customize the component design right in your back-end:
    • Layout - select and customize theme, enable and customize avatar source and size, comment form position, sorting options, time stamp, footer text, very special CSS customizations;
    • Design - RPXNow integration, Addthis + AddToAny + Tweetmeme social sharing tools, smilies, YouTube video embedding, spellchecker, BBCodes and JomSocial Activity stream settings.

The administration section continues by presenting the unique Import and Export features and finishes with content plugin administration and JA-nrain plugin administration.

The main advantage of JA Comment is the back-end administration that aims to be webmasters friendly with well organized settings, support customizing your own theme, easy comment moderation. The component also comes with powerful frontend features such as:

  • AJAX driven user interface - adding/editing comments, changing configuration options in backend and more;
  • Child-parent comment structure - more convenience for users to follow/keep track of discussion in your thread;
  • Comment indexing mechanism - helps users easily highlight and find out the exact comment within a large number of comments;
  • Admins can smoothly manage comments not only in backend but also directly in frontend.
  • Powerful import and export features that can be used to back-up your comments database and allow importing from external comment service such as IntenseDebate or Disqus.
  • Unique user avatar features: JA Comment Component can display user avatar if he will log in with a Facebook or Twitter account.

See the complete features list below..

Powerful Moderation Panel

  • in backend, comments are split into 4 tabs: all, approved, unapproved, SPAM for an easy moderation;
  • you can filter the comments by content source;
  • just by double clicking a comment you can view complete comment so you can approve, edit, approve/unapprove, quick reply, mark as SPAM or delete;
  • admins can also manage comments directly in frontent.
User Avatar

JA Comment integrates user avatar from several sources:

  • NEW Twitter;
  • NEW Facebook;
  • JomSocial;
  • Community Builder;
  • Fireboard;
  • Gravatar;
  • and more to come.
Tons of Customization Options

  • thread - enabling child-parents comment structure more convenience for users users to follow/keep track of discussions;
  • comment attachments;
  • comment vote;
  • report comments - the comment is reported instantly or only if the report is confirmed by a number of users;
  • e-mail subscription;
  • and many more...
Frontend and Backend with Ajax Technology

  • in frontend, new comments are added without refreshing the page, and generally all frontend features are AJAX driven;
  • in the backend, the comments moderation is AJAX driven and also other configuration options.
Multiple Languages

  • independent files for each language;
  • easy translate JA Comment language files with build in editor;
  • use all languages in the world if you want;
  • easy control over proof-reading.
Compatibile with any Joomla! Template

  • JA Comment design is so simple it can be used with all Joomla! 1.5 & 2.5 templates, with almost no customization needed;
  • clean and 100% tableless design.
Social Tools

Strong security

  • ban IP addresses;
  • ban e-mail addresses;
  • use captcha to filter SPAM;
  • word censoring;
  • permissions options for: commenting, comment voting, viewing comments and editing own comments;
  • comment deelay to avoid flood;
  • users can report SPAM, abuses or any other violation of your rules.
Import/Export Comments

Template system for comments and e-mails

  • template system with easy style customization - create new theme and customize it directly in back-end using the built in code editor;
  • NEW themes allow you to create template overrides and also makes possible the theme switch by using cURL scripts;
  • customizable header and footer for e-mails;
  • templates for admin/comment authors notification e-mails;
  • templates for confirmations and status change e-mails.

Note: features highlighted in bold are unique for JA Comment.

Click here to see JA Comment in action!

  • Server requirements: PHP 5.0 or above, MySQL 5.0 or above, Joomla 1.5.x and above;
  • Client requirements: Firefox 2.x, 3.0.x, 3,5,x, Internet Explorer 6 or higher, Google Chrome, Opera, Safari.

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