Page / Category Manager

Category manager

The category is to group your pages in case you have many pages that help you structure the pages and filter pages faster.

t4 joomla page builder category

You can create category in tree with parent and child categories. Admin have full permission to manage category: add new, edit, delete or archive any category.

The category setting is the same as Joomla article category with basic setting where you can select to publish, access and other settings for publishing and permissions.

t4 joomla page builder category

Page manager

T4 Page builder includes all the tools to manage your page builder pages with ease.

t4 joomla page builder category

Create as many pages as you want, each page is a assigned to a category.

t4 joomla page builder category

To publish a page to your users, you can quickly create menu item for the page using the Add Menu Link feature.

t4 joomla page builder category

Page import/export

You can transfer pages that built with T4 Joomla page builders from different websites using the pages export feature. You can also use this for back-up purpose. Select one or multiple pages then export, save the .zip file on safe place.

export joomla pages

You can import the pages back to the same website or in different websites using the Import feature. Click on Import then Upload the .zip file, select pages and import.

import joomla pages