Global Settings

The Global settings include configuration for CSS & JS optimization, Custom code and Addons management.

CSS & JS Optimization

What is JavaScript (JS) and CSS Optimization ?

In short, JS and CSS optimization is the process of making your website smaller and faster to load by minifying the JS and CSS codes.

The JS and CSS optimization includes:

  • Removes whitespace
  • Combine T4 Framework JS and CSS files and relevant Joomla JS, CSS files.
  • Remove unnecessary and redundant JS, CSS codes
  • Optimize/shorten comment programming patterns.

Enable CSS & JS optimization in T4

The new modern T4 framework comes with built-in CSS and JS optimization options that will remove unnecessary and redundant codes in CSS, JS files to reduce file size & combine CSS and JS files to decrease file size number of requests will be decreased and page load speed will be faster.

To enable this option, from T4 template style setting panel, open the Global Settings > Optimization and turn on CSS and JS Optimization options then save.

t4 joomla template framework css and js optimization

CSS and JS optimization options help compress almost all template's CSS and Javascripts and relevant Joomla's files to improve website performance.

When CSS & JS optimization is ENABLED

t4 joomla template framework css and js optimization enable

When CSS & JS optimization is DISABLED

t4 joomla template framework css and js optimization disable

Improve your website page speed score

Page loading helps you to give a better experience to visitors and also improve your SEO score. You can test the page load speed using different online tools. We recommend 2 popular tools: Google PageSpeed Insights and Pingdom.

When enable CSS & JS optimization

website page score

When disable CSS & JS optimization

page score

How to exclude specific JS and CSS files from compression ?

T4 framework will give you full control over the optimization and compression tool. If any of CSS and JS file you do not want to compress, you can exclude the files from optimization by adding the files in the file exclude field.

exclude js and css files for optimization

You can add full path to the JS, CSS files


or add the file name only.


Custom Code

You can insert any CSS, JS, meta tags, links, and verification codes using the custom code option. With multiple options to add custom to specific tags.

t4 joomla template custom code

  • After <head>: the code added to this field will be inserted after <head> tag
  • Before </head>: the code added to this field will be inserted before </head> tag
  • After <body>: the code added to this field will be inserted after <body> tag
  • After </body>: the code added to this field will be inserted before </body> tag

Some cases you can use the custom code feature:

Google Analytics: you can quickly add Google Analytics code for your website to the field: Before </head>

Live chat integration: the live chat service provider normally provides you scripts to add to specific tag to embed the live chat.

Addthis: if you use the social sharing took, you can add the scripts to the field Before </body>

Addons Management

The Add-ons panel includes settings to enable or disable font icons like Font awesome, Iconmoon. When an Addon is disabled, its CSS and JS will not be loaded in your website, this is to help keep your site clean and load faster.

t4 joomla template addons

Add custom Addons

You can add your custom addons to load specific CSS and JS files.

For example, you want to use Owl Carousel, you can download the library, add to your template folder:


t4 joomla template carousel library integration

Next, create new addons, add addon name and CSS & JS files. You can add multiple files by putting each file in one line.

t4 joomla template framework add new addon