Getting Started

Helpful information before you start working with T4 Joomla template framework.

Access T4 working panel

To access working panel of T4 Blank template (or any template built with T4 Framework), from your site back-end, go to Extensions > Templates and open T4 Blank template style.

t4 joomla template

Enable Dark Mode

T4 Framework working panel supports dark color theme. To enable the Dark Mode, from the setting panel, enable the Dark Mode option on the toolbar bottom.

t4 joomla template

Create new T4 template style

For each T4 template, you can create multiple template styles with different settings and assign to specific menu items.

To create new template style, you can duplicate the default style or you can save as copy in setting panel of any style.

Duplicate Style

duplicate t4 joomla template style

Or Save as Copy

create new t4 joomla template style

Enable Development Mode

When you are developing your site, you should enable this option so any update you made will be instantly displayed, no cache.

To enable or disable this option, go to System > Global Configuration > System and find the option Devlopement Mode.

enable development mode

And when you are not developing your site, you should disable the option to activate T4 cache and improve your site performance.

T4 Joomla template framework cache