Video content type is aimed to manage your video from given sources, at present it supports Youtube, Vimeo and Local upload.

It has its own view, style and its settings include:

  • All settings from default Joomla Article
  • Video-specific custom fields: Video source, Thumbnail, Description, Video width & height, etc.

Create new video item

  • First, you create category to store video items. This remains the default Joomla category as usual. It will help you manage items and build category view for video items easier.
  • Then, create video items (simply click ‘Add new’ in Joomla article manager panel) and assign to the category you just create above.
video detail page

Manage your videos directly via Joomla com_content

The Media template style has some different configuration, we suggest to create new template style instead of using the "JA Teline V - Default" template style.

Step 1 - Create "JA Teline V - Media" template style.

The best way to create a new template style is duplicating the "JA Teline V - Default" template style. Tick on the "JA Teline V - Default" then hit the duplicate button.

duplicate template style

Step 2 - Configure layout for the template style. Open the "Layout" tab, assign "media" layout.

assign layout

Go to Menu > Top Navigation, create new menu item then configure as our instruction below.

1. Details Settings - select "Articles > Special page: Blank Content" menu type, select category then assign JA Teline V - Media template style.

2. Position Settings - Select the position where the modules from the position will be displayed in the main content section of the menu as the "Articles > Special page: Blank Content" menu type does not include the com_content position. We will guide you how to create content and assign to the page as JA Teline V demo in the Assign content to the Magazine page section, just after the section.

3. Blog Layout Settings - the setting is to configure for the display of category assigned in the menu.

The main content section in the Media page are 2 content blocks: Featured video and Video listing. You can make use of JA ACM (JoomlArt Advance custom module) to build such content blocks. Here are steps:

  • Create new ACM Module (Extensions > Module Manager > Add new module > select “JoomlArt Advanced Custom Module”)
  • Select type, style and assign content to display in the ACM following the configurations below:

1. "Video - Featured" style

featured video

Module position: media-home
Module Suffix: NOT USED

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2. "Video - List" style

featured video setting

Module position: media-home
Module Suffix: NOT USED

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