The Blog template style has some different configuration, we suggest to create new template style instead of using the "JA Teline V - Default" template style.

Step 1 - Create "JA Teline V - Blog" template style.

The best way to create a new template style is duplicating the "JA Teline V - Default" template style. Tick on the "JA Teline V - Default" then hit the duplicate button.

duplicate template style

Step 2 - Configure layout for the template style. Open the "Layout" tab, assign "blog" layout.

assign layout

Go to Menu > Top Navigation, create new menu item then configure as our instruction below.

1. Details Settings - select "Articles > xLayout - Blog" menu type, select category then assign JA Teline V - Blog template style.

2. Blog Basic Settings - The setting panel is to configure number of blog items to display in the page.

The blog page layout includes the main content section with blog items and the sidebar. You can publish any module on the sidebar. Create new module, assign to position sidebar and select to display in the Blog menu item.

In the blog page, you can add avatar for author.

To add avatar for author, from back-end panel, go to "Users > User Manager > Open the setting panel of the user you want to add avatar for. Open the "Avatar" setting panel, browse image to display as the Avatar for the user.

The feature is extended in JA Teline V, not in default Joomla.

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